Vikram Mathur

Vikram Mathur


Profile Summary

An architect from the School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi, Vikram's passion for design led him to teaching after a successful architecture and interior design practice spanning over two decades. He sees each student as a distinct project, nurturing them to become accomplished global design professionals. Since 1992, he has strived to tailor the learning journey to each learner's needs, making education accessible and convenient.

Work Experience

During his years as a practicing architect, Vikram undertook diverse projects, offering consultancy and turnkey services. His portfolio encompassed individual houses, manufacturing units, farmhouses, residential and corporate interiors, hospitality spaces, embassies, and government offices. He collaborated with international clients, particularly from Japan, Norway, Iceland, and Denmark, on projects in India. In his role as an instructor, Vikram has focused on empowering weaker or slower learners, guiding them to unlock their full potential and transform into high achievers.

Research Interests

Vikram's research interests revolve around comprehending the dynamic needs and aspirations of learners. He delves into deciphering future scenarios to equip them with the adeptness to navigate their forthcoming professional paths. His focus lies in determining the most effective attitudinal and behavioral practices for both teachers and learners, fostering an enduring realm of motivation, positivity, and trust between the two.

Teaching Philosophy

An instructor's role extends beyond mere instruction; it's about facilitating learner comprehension and self-driven learning outcomes. The foundation of effective learning lies in establishing the necessity and significance of knowledge, which is the instructor's responsibility. Without this groundwork, true understanding remains elusive, leading to learner frustration and demotivation. Effective teaching transcends knowledge transfer; it fosters deep learning that sparks curiosity, wonder, motivation, and encouragement.

Courses Taught

Design Process, Design for Domestic Interiors, Design for Commercial Interiors, Design for Special Interiors, Design for Hospitality Interiors, Material Technology I&II, Building Technology II, Graduation Project (mentorship), Structures & Outdoor Furniture.

Scholarly Activities

Vikram's keen interest in design pedagogy has led him to present papers at multiple conferences, with several of them being published in reputable Scopus-indexed journals. Currently, he is actively pursuing his PhD, focusing on pedagogic interventions for enhancing Design Education. Beyond research, he serves as a mentor, guiding his students in crafting exceptional designs and assisting them in securing registrations for their creations.