Vikrant Chandekar

Vikrant Chandekar

Assistant Professor (SG)

Profile Summary

Prof. Vikrant is an experienced educator and researcher specializing in design, game development, and digital art. With a strong focus on understanding students' mindsets and aligning with industry standards, he creates engaging and relevant learning experiences. His teaching philosophy incorporates elements of a flipped classroom, utilizing pre-recorded materials to foster interactive discussions and collaborative problem-solving in class. Prof. Vikrant's research interests include toy design, integrating indigenous art into games, and sustainable design. He actively engages in scholarly activities, publishing books, attending international conferences, conducting workshops, and collaborating with peers. Through his expertise and contributions, Prof. Vikrant helps shape the education and development of aspiring designers and game developers.

Work Experience

Before joining UPES, Prof. Vikrant had extensive experience in digital art and game design. He worked as a Senior Gamification Designer at Finomena, a Senior Concept Artist at Roar Games, and collaborated with international game design studios. Prof. Vikrant's expertise enriched the curriculum at the Asian Institute of Design, where he mentored students in digital art and interactive game design. He actively participated in design conferences, such as Comic Con and the India Game Development Conference and contributed to the promotion of animation as a full-time member of TASI. His continuous learning and professional growth exemplify his dedication to the design and game development communities

Research Interests

Prof. Vikrant's research interests encompass a diverse range of topics within the field of design. His primary focus is on toy design, exploring innovative and creative approaches to designing toys that engage and inspire children. Another area of research is the integration of indigenous art and craft in board or mobile games, aiming to preserve cultural heritage while incorporating it into modern game design. Additionally, Prof. Vikrant is interested in sustainable design, exploring ways to develop environmentally friendly and socially responsible design practices. His research initiatives contribute to the advancement of these fields and promote sustainable and culturally inclusive design solutions.

Teaching Philosophy

Prof. Vikrant's teaching philosophy revolves around understanding students' mindsets and aligning their interests with industry standards. He believes in actively engaging students through various teaching methodologies, including elements of a flipped classroom approach. By providing pre-recorded lectures or materials before class, students have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with foundational concepts independently. This enables in-class time to be utilized for interactive discussions, collaborative activities, and solving authentic, real-time problems using gamification techniques. Prof. Vikrant emphasizes the importance of utilizing a strong foundation for in-class assignments, allowing students to apply their knowledge practically while encouraging critical thinking and creativity. By incorporating industry standards and gamification elements, he creates an immersive and relevant learning experience that prepares students for the demands of the professional world

Courses Taught

Prof. Vikrant is a versatile instructor who teaches a range of courses in game development. His expertise lies in Concept Art for Games, where students learn to visually conceptualize game environments, characters, and props. He also teaches Digital Art and Design, providing students with essential skills in digital illustration and graphic design for games. Prof. Vikrant's classes include Character Design and Creature Design, where students explore the art of crafting captivating and visually distinct characters and creatures. Additionally, he imparts knowledge in Level Design for Games, focusing on creating engaging and immersive game levels, as well as Game Design, covering various aspects of game development and player experience.

Prof. Vikrant collaborates with colleagues, industry professionals, and experts in interdisciplinary projects. These collaborations foster cross-pollination of ideas, promote research collaborations, and contribute to the advancement of the field. He conducts workshops and training sessions on various topics related to design, game development, and digital art. These activities help disseminate knowledge, impart practical skills, and promote professional development among students, professionals, and enthusiasts.

Awards and Grants

Book Publication and Design Copyrights: In 2022, Prof. Vikrant published a highly acclaimed book on illustration and storytelling, showcasing his expertise in the subject. The book provides valuable insights and practical guidance to aspiring artists and storytellers in the realm of illustration.