Dr. Kamesh Rajendra Babu 

Dr. Kamesh Rajendra Babu 

Assistant Professor, Senior Scale

Profile Summary

Dr. Kamesh Rajendra Babu holds a PhD in Molecular Medicine from the University of Heidelberg, Germany. Dr. Babu's academic background also includes an MPhil in Biochemistry, an MSc in Biotechnology, and a BSc in Microbiology. Throughout his career, Dr. Babu has made significant contributions to the field of molecular medicine. He has published 7 papers in reputable journals and presented his research at 7 conferences. His work has garnered 345 citations, demonstrating the impact of his research. Notably, he has explored topics such as iron homeostasis in cancer, microRNAs, and RNA-binding proteins in various cancer types. Dr. Babu has held esteemed positions, including a postdoctoral research fellowship at Duke-NUS Medical School and the Cancer Science Institute in Singapore. He has also worked as a research fellow at the University Hospital Heidelberg in Germany. In addition, he founded his own biotech company, Samsara Biotech Pvt. Ltd., showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit. Recognized for his contributions, Dr. Babu has received several honors, including travel awards and grants for international conferences. He is a member of the European Iron Club and has received the HBIGS Ph.D. graduate fellowship during his time in Heidelberg. Beyond his professional pursuits, Dr. Babu is interested in entrepreneurship, economics, and finance and enjoys watching documentaries. His diverse range of interests complements his scientific endeavors and contributes to his well-rounded personality. Some of Dr. Babu's recent publications include:
Li, J., Xu, D., Jiang, Y., Degirmenci, U., Babu, K.R., Xin, L., Yang, H., Sun, L. (2023) Alternative Isoform Usage Analysis of Adipose Tissues Reveals HuR as a Master Regulator for the Depot-specific Signatures. Nature Metabolism (In Revision)

Singh, S., Raina, D., Rishipathak, D., Babu, K.R., Khurana, R., Gupta, Y., Garg, K., Rehan, F., Gupta, S.M. (2022) Quantum dots in the biomedical world: A smart advanced nanocarrier for multiple venues application. Archiv der Pharmazie 355 (12), 2200299.

Babu, K.R., Sun, L. (2020) Control of iron availability in cancer by microRNAs. Proceedings of the Singapore National Academy of Science, 14(2), 79-89.