Dr Kuldeep Kumar Roy 

Dr Kuldeep Kumar Roy 


Profile Summary

Dr. Kuldeep Kumar Roy is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of teaching and research experience at several national and international institutions. Dr. Roy earned his Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm.) and Master of Pharmacy (M.Pharm.) in Pharmaceutical Chemistry degrees from Birla Institute of Technology in Mesra (Ranchi), Jharkhand. He received his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Medicinal Chemistry from the CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute in Lucknow and the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) jointly in New Delhi, India. He spent several years doing postdoctoral research in South Korea and the United States. He specializes in Pharmaceutical Research, Pharmacoinformatics, Medicinal Chemistry, and New Drug Discovery, among other things. He is interested in translational drug discovery research for diseases of unmet need by integrating computational modeling and medicinal chemistry. He has received funding support from several government bodies, including the ICMR, CSIR, DST, and DBT. He has three international patents (granted) and over 45 peer-reviewed international publications. He is a reviewer of several international journals and associate editor of Frontiers in Drug Discovery journal.

Work Experience

Dr. Roy is employed at UPES, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, as a Professor and Cluster Head in the Pharmaceutical Sciences cluster, School of Health Sciences and Technology. Before joining UPES in July 2021, he was an Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, School of Medical Sciences, Adamas University, Kolkata, West Bengal (India). From April 2016 until August 2020, he worked as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmacoinformatics at the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research Kolkata (NIPER-Kolkata), India. He was a postdoctoral research associate in the Department of BioMolecular Sciences at the University of Mississippi, Mississippi, USA, for almost three years (June 2013-March 2016). He formerly worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Ewha University in Seoul, South Korea. Before beginning the doctorate program, he worked as a Scientist-II in the medicinal chemistry section of Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd. in Gujarat (India) after completing his post-graduation.

Research Interests

He has research interests in translational drug discovery research for diseases of unmet need through the integration of computational modeling and medicinal chemistry.

Teaching Philosophy

A teacher or instructor lays seeds of knowledge that will develop indefinitely. As a teacher, he thinks each student is a unique seed that requires a stimulating atmosphere to develop, mature, and lead the future. His teaching philosophy may be summarised in four words: involvement, encouragement, exploration, and cross-learning. In his opinion, students learn best when actively involved in the learning process. A successful teaching method inspires students to think and discuss by educating them to question, analyze, and test newly acquired knowledge rather than accept it passively. As a teacher, he believes students should be provided with an active platform to learn, practice, and explore core information and abilities.

Awards and Grants

2023 Extramural Research Award by the School of Health Sciences and Technology, UPES Dehradun 

2022 Startup Research Grant (SRG) Award by SERB, DST, Govt. of India 

2019 The “Swami Vivekananda Faculty Award 2019” by NIPER-Kolkata 

2019 The “Certificate of Recognition 2018” by NIPER-Kolkata for research excellence. 

2018 Research Appreciation Award, NIPER-Kolkata 

2010-2012 Direct-Senior Research Fellowship (Direct-SRF) from Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), New Delhi, India 

2008-2010 Direct-Senior Research Fellowship (Direct-SRF) from Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), New Delhi, India 

2005-2007 National Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) Scholarship from University Grant Commission (UGC), New Delhi 

2011 Best Research Paper Award of the Year in Chemistry from CSIR-CDRI, Lucknow, India 



SRG/2021/001734: Rational design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of novel substituted benzo[d]imidazo[2,1-b]thiazole derivatives as antimycobacterial agents 

targeting the mycobacterial oxidative phosphorylation pathway. 27/01/2022 – 26/01/2024. Rs. 28,30,040; PI: KK Roy (Approved by SERB, DST, Govt. of India) 

UPES/R&D-HS/24022022/01: Structure-based drug design, synthesis, and biological evaluations of non-covalent KRASG12C/D inhibitors as potential cancer therapeutics. (12/05/2022 – 11/05/2023) Rs. 4,10,000; PI: KK Roy, Co-PI: U Debnath (Approved by UPES Dehradun) 


  1. MCB140248: Computational insights into the characteristic features of the active state 3D structure of the human CB2 receptor, mode of agonist recognition, and agonist-induced conformational changes during receptor activation. A startup allocation grant for using the “Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE)” resources. SUs 100000. PI: KK Roy, Co-PI: Robert J. Doerksen. 09/23/2014-09/22/2015. 
  2. 45/48/2007/Pha/BMS: Molecular modeling studies and synthesis of potential Alzheimer’s disease (AD) therapeutics. Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), New Delhi (India). 02/01/2008-01/31/2011. Rs. 6.25 lakhs. Investigator: KK Roy, Mentor: A. K. Saxena 
  3. 31/4(1033)/2010-EMR-I: Design and synthesis of conformationally restricted analogs of rivastigmine as the anti-Alzheimer agent. Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), New Delhi (India). 03/01/2010-02/30/2013. Rs. 6.25 lakhs. Investigator: KK Roy, Mentor: A. K. Saxena

Courses Taught

Dr. Roy has taught several subjects through associations with various organizations. Specifically, at the UG level, he has taught Medicinal Chemistry I (Theory and Practical), Medicinal Chemistry II (Theory and Practical), Medicinal Chemistry III (Theory and Practical), Pharmaceutical Analysis I (Theory and Practical), Instrumental Methods of Analysis (Theory and Practical), and Computer-aided Drug Design (Elective). At the PG level, he has taught M.S.(Pharm.) students various subjects: Chemoinformatics, Introduction to Pharmacoinformatics, Basics of Drug Action, Drug Design, Macromolecular Structure, Function, and Dynamics. He has taught Ph.D. students courses viz-introduction to computational chemistry and biology and Advanced computational chemistry at NIPER Kolkata.