Gufran Ajmal

Gufran Ajmal

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade

Profile Summary

He is currently employed as an Assistant Professor at the School of Health Sciences and Technology (SoHST), UPES. He completed his B. Pharm degree at Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi, before advancing his studies with an M. Pharm. and Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics from the Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering & Technology, IIT (BHU), Varanasi, after qualifying the Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test (GPAT). 

His research interests are primarily focused on novel drug delivery systems, particularly in the realms of prompt wound healing and enhancing drug solubility, among other pharmaceutical innovations. Dr. [Name]'s scholarly contributions are evidenced by his publications in various high-impact international journals, as well as his authorship of numerous books and chapters within the pharmaceutical field. 

In addition to his research pursuits, Dr. [Name] actively engages with the academic community, serving as a reviewer for several internationally esteemed journals. This involvement highlights his commitment to advancing scholarly discourse and contributing to the ongoing progress of pharmaceutical sciences.

Work Experience

He is currently employed as an Assistant Professor (Selection Grade) at UPES, Dehradun. Prior to joining SoHST at UPES, he has worked with several organizations including Apeejay Stya University in Gurugram, Haryana (August 2020 – January 2024), Bharat Institute of Technology in Meerut, U.P. (August 2019 – August 2020), and Cognizant Technology Solutions India Private Ltd in Kolkata (Dec. 2012 – Sep. 2014)

Research Interests

His research interests include novel drug delivery systems; enhancement of drug solubility; and rate controlled 3D structure-oriented delivery system for wound healing.

Teaching Philosophy

His teaching philosophy centres on nurturing a dynamic learning environment that encourages inquiry, critical thinking, and collaboration. He believes in fostering a supportive and inclusive classroom culture where diverse perspectives are valued, and where students feel motivated to engage actively in their own learning journey. Through mentorship and guidance, he aims to inspire a lifelong commitment to professional growth and excellence in the pharmacy profession.

Courses Taught

He has taught following subject to B. Pharm. students: Physical Pharmaceutics I – Theory & Practical; Pharmaceutical Microbiology – Theory & Practical; Physical Pharmaceutics II – Theory & Practical; Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics – Theory; Industrial Pharmacy II – Theory; Novel Drug Delivery System – Theory

Awards and Grants

Qualified GPAT in 2010 (AIR #30). Received Teaching Assistant fellowship from IIT (BHU), Varanasi (2014-19).

Scholarly Activities

A. Research/Review Publications 

  1. A. Bishnoi, R.K. Tiwari, S. Chanda, G. Ajmal, G.V. Bonde, Elecrospun nanofibers: The versatile platform as a drug delivery systems in healthcare, Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology, 105127 
  2. G. Ajmal, G.V. Bonde, P. Mittal, V.K. Pandey, N. Yadav, B. Mishra, PLGA/Gelatin-based electrospun nanofiber scaffold encapsulating antibacterial and antioxidant molecules for accelerated tissue regeneration, Materials Today Communications, 35 (2023) 105633 
  3. G. Ajmal, N. Yadav, M.K. Kumawat, M.K. Sharma, M.R. Iqbal, Application of Electrospun Nanofiber in Wound Healing: Recent Trends and Patents Analysis, International Journal of Life Science and Pharma Research, 13 (1) (2023) 
  4. N. Yadav, M.K. Kumawat, G. Ajmal, M.K. Sharma, Antimalarials: A Patents Landscape Study (2015-Present), International Journal of Life Science and Pharma Research, 13 (1) (2022) 
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  11. G. Ajmal, G.V. Bonde, S. Thokala, P. Mittal, G. Khan, J. Singh, V.K. Pandey, B. Mishra, Ciprofloxacin HCl and quercetin functionalized electrospun nanofiber membrane: fabrication and its evaluation in full thickness wound healing, Artificial cells, nanomedicine, and biotechnology, 47 (2019) 228-240. 
  12. V.K. Pandey, K.R. Srivastava, G. Ajmal, V.K. Thakur, V.K. Gupta, S.N. Upadhya, P.K. Mishra, Differential susceptibility of catheter biomaterials to biofilm-associated infections and their remedy by drug-encapsulated Eudragit RL100 nanoparticles, International journal of molecular sciences, 2019, 15;20(20):5110 
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B. Edited Book/Book Chapters
Edited Book - 

Dr. Gufran Ajmal & Dr. Anupama Diwan. Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics 
ISBN: 978-93-91842-45-1. Noble Science Press, India. 

Book Chapters - 

1. G. Ajmal, B. Mishra. Advanced drug delivery systems in the management of Gaucher disease. In Drug Delivery Systems for Metabolic Disorders. 2022 Jan 1 (pp. 137-148).  Academic Press (Elsevier), USA. 

2. G. Ajmal, A. Diwan. Gastro-Retentive Drug Delivery System. In Novel Drug Delivery System. (2022) (pp. 39-59) Global Research Foundation, India