Ravinder Kaushik 

Ravinder Kaushik 

Associate Professor

Profile Summary

Professor Ravinder Kaushik is recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on Food Fortification, New food product development, and bakery products. His influential and high-impact research focuses on dairy processing, cereal and millet processing, and herbal formulation. He addresses issues related to micronutrient deficiency, Value addition, waste management, Analytical method development, and pesticide detection. 

Work Experience

Before joining UPES, Prof. Kaushik was at the School of Bioengineering and Food Technology of the Shoolini University, India (Times Higher ranking 200-300), and at Amity Institute of Food Technology, Amity University, India (QS ranking 800-1000). He has 10 years of teaching experience after Ph.D.  

Research Interests

Dairy Processing, Cereal processing, Micronutrient fortification of food products, New product development, Antibacterial herbal formulation, Anti-obesity herbal formulation, geriatric foods, extruded foods, etc. 

Teaching Philosophy

Prof. Kaushik’s teaching philosophy is grounded in the understanding that it is his responsibility to create a climate that supports and encourages student learning. He has incorporated some elements of “flipping the classroom” into his classes, such as pre-reading assignments, in which students read assigned sections of the textbook and/or other resources prior to coming to class, where they complete a short quiz. Quiz material is not repeated in class but instead is used as the foundation for in-class assignments that involve students working with real data and situations. Using authentic problems helps students move from novice to expert thinking. 

Courses Taught

Prof. Kaushik teaches more than 30 subjects, viz. Food process Technology, Fundamental of Food Technology, Food Chemistry and Nutrition, Food Quality, and Analysis, Milk and Milk product Technology, Advances in Dairy Engineering, Bakery, and confectionary Technology, Processing of Spices and Herbs, Extruded and Specialty foods, Waste utilization and Management, Food additives and Ingredients, Meat, Fish and poultry processing, Infestation and control of stored food Grains, Food and Nutrition, Nutritional Biochemistry, Food Fermentation, Food Science, Introduction to Food Science, Food Product Development, Fish Process Technology, Food Nutraceuticals, Probiotics and Prebiotics, Food Microbiology, Post-harvest Technology, Food, and Nutrient 

Awards and Grants

Prof. Kaushik received the National Eligibility Test conducted by the Agricultural Scientist Recruitment Board, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Pusa, New Delhi; Institutional Fellowship by ICAR for the Ph.D. program (3.5 Years, 2009 to 2013); “Certificate of Appreciation” for outstanding research work in the field of Dairy Processing for Academic session 2012-2013 by NDRI, Karnal.  

Scholarly Activities

Prof. Kaushik has led the Department of Science and Technology, Indian Government Funded Project: “SP/YO/097/2016, and the title of the Project is “Development of a simple and rapid colorimetric method for visual detection of pesticides in food products using nanoparticles” 3 million Rupees.

Prof. Kaushik is working for World Food Program. Fortified rice training, distribution, and processing are looked after by Prof. Kaushik in Uttarakhand.