Assistant Professor

Profile Summary

Abhijit is a graduate of the National University of Advanced Legal Studies, Kochi, and a postgraduate of the Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar. He is a corporate lawyer turned academic who is particularly intrigued by the application of the Constitution and its principles in everyday life. Much of his research and academic work also focuses on the application of the Constitution to different aspects of daily life.

Work Experience

Before joining UPES, Abhijit worked at Ramaiah College of Law, Bengaluru, and the School of Law, Presidency University, Bengaluru. He has also worked as a corporate lawyer in Bangalore, during which time he handled multiple Intellectual Property, Real Estate, and private equity transactions, providing advice to various start-ups and high-net-worth individuals.

Research Interests

Freedom of Speech and its various facets | Affirmative Action and Constitutional Principles | Federalism, Decentralisation, and Local Self-Government | Comparative Constitutional Law

Teaching Philosophy

Abhijit's philosophy is based on the understanding that classroom experiences must guide his students in the real world and supplement the knowledge that arises from hands-on experiences, while also acknowledging the importance of both types of experiences. Therefore, he attempts to incorporate experiential learning into his classes, compelling students to think analytically and critically. His classrooms are open spaces where questioning is encouraged. He also incorporates the Socratic Method and modern ICT tools to keep his classes interesting and to further his philosophy of establishing a classroom that aids in the real-world application of theoretical tools.

Courses Taught

Abhijit has taught theory courses on Constitutional Law, Privacy and Data Protection Laws, and Contracts. He has also taught clinical courses. At his previous workplaces, he has also taught courses on the Law of Evidence, Jurisprudence, Media Laws, and Constitutional History, among others.

Awards and Grants

Abhijit was awarded the Best Paper Award at the International Conference on Law and Social Transformation organized by Alliance University, Bengaluru, the National Conference on Government Accountability and Transparency: A Global Perspective organized by Asian Law College, Noida, and the National Seminar on Recent Trends in Development of Constitutional Law in India conducted by KLE College of Law, Navi Mumbai. He has also been invited to deliver lectures on the Constitution and Intellectual Property Laws, among other topics, by institutions in Karnataka and Kerala.

Scholarly Activities

Abhijit has various publications in areas pertaining to Free Speech, Gender and Sexual Expression within the Constitutional framework, Media and Privacy Laws, Constitutional aspects of Environmental Laws, and Affirmative Action. He continues to explore emerging areas of law and life, such as technology, with a focus on their interaction with Constitutional Law principles.