Aishwarya Vatsa

Aishwarya Vatsa

Assistant Professor (Senior Scale)

Profile Summary

She is an academician. She holds a Master's Degree in Intellectual Property Rights from Hidayatullah National Law School, Raipur. She is an alumna of the university, having graduated in 2017. She has qualified the UGC NET in Law in the year 2018. Additionally, she is a doctoral student pursuing research in 'Contemporary Facets of Liability of Autonomous Vehicles'. She is an avid reader and has enhanced her expertise through the publication of books, research articles, blogs, etc., encompassing various recent developments.

Work Experience

She has been associated with the university since 2019 and has more than four years of academic experience. Additionally, she has also been a part of several Faculty Development Programmes and Conferences. She is also the faculty convener for the Media Relations Committee, School of Law.

Research Interests

Her research interests lie in Copyright laws, Trademarks, Geographical Indications, Artificial Intelligence, Law of Tort, and Administrative Law.

Teaching Philosophy

Aishwarya's teaching philosophy is based on the Socratic method, which involves a shared dialogue between her and the students. Her classroom is an inclusive space where students can learn and develop critical thinking skills. She promotes active engagement in and after the classroom. She is a reflective practitioner and believes that learning never stops. Her teaching style is based on the approach that law does not function in isolation; it goes hand in hand with society. Hence, she teaches legal principles in connection with their application in the real world through examples and case scenarios.

Courses Taught

Prof. Aishwarya teaches Intellectual Property Law, Copyright Law, Law of Tort, Administrative Law, and Public International Law. She has mentored several students on seminar papers and dissertations/theses.

Scholarly Activities

Her legal writing involves emerging issues surrounding Artificial Intelligence, Trademarks, Geographical Indications, Intellectual Property, Election Laws, and Administrative Law. She has published research papers and articles in renowned journals. In addition to this, she is also keen to explore new areas, and recently she has authored a book on Intellectual Property Law. She has also authored a book titled 'Politics and Elections: Efficacy of Indian Electoral Laws' and has contributed several book chapters, including "Indira Gandhi's Tryst with Law". To strengthen her research profile and have global exposure, she has not only participated in national events but also in international events.