Dr. Aprajita Singh

Dr. Aprajita Singh

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade

Profile Summary

Dr. Aprajita Singh is an Assistant Professor (Selection Grade) with a teaching and research focus on environmental laws. Throughout her career, she has developed a strong passion for studying environmental laws in their evolving context. She has honed her academic skills through presenting numerous research papers in the field of environmental law, participating in panel discussions, and publishing research papers. Additionally, she contributes to the Policy and Politics page of "The Daily Guardian" newspaper, where she expresses her views on topics such as virtual education and the Rule of Law. She also shares her opinions through blogs on the professional networking website LinkedIn. Furthermore, she has completed various online courses on platforms like Coursera, including "Introduction to Environment Law and Policy" by the University of North Carolina and a Harvard University EdX course on Justice, to deepen her understanding of these subjects. Currently, she is pursuing her Ph.D. in environmental tribunals with a special reference to the National Green Tribunal of India.

Work Experience

Dr. Aprajita Singh has more than nine years of teaching experience. Before joining UPES, she worked as an Assistant Professor at Amity University Uttar Pradesh Lucknow Campus for four years. She has also worked as a researcher at the National Green Tribunal in Delhi and the Uttar Pradesh State Law Commission.

Research Interests

Environment Law and Policy, Environment Tribunals, National Green Tribunal, Environmental Democracy, Environment Rule of Law, Environmental Justice, Sustainable Development, Environmental Forensics, Green Justice, Environmental Governance.

Teaching Philosophy

Dr. Aprajita Singh celebrates the individuality and distinctive contributions of each student in the classroom. As a teaching method, she encourages her students to pay attention to and reflect on certain areas of their practice. If they come to a conclusion or have an initial emotional response related to the discipline, she urges them to write about it. This approach brings individual responses, differences, and opinions to the forefront, fostering an appreciation for each other's perspectives and facilitating democratic interactions. This problem-solving pedagogy aligns with the law's role in resolving certain issues, and the case study method is particularly relevant as it closely resembles problem-solving approaches.

Courses Taught

Environment Law, Environment Studies and Law, Environment Justice, Administrative Law, Evidence Law, Law of Torts, and Law of Contracts.

Scholarly Activities

Dr. Aprajita Singh has attended webinars on optimizing e-learning materials for teaching environmental law, organized by the Asian Development Bank. As a result, she has developed new subjects in the specialization of environmental law to meet the demands of the 21st century. She has also participated in the Asian Development Bank Regional Capacity Development Technical Assistance program, "Strengthening the Capacity for Environment and Climate Change Law in Asia and the Pacific," as a trainee in 2020. She is a member of the Regional Network for Developing Environment Law Advocates, which works to enhance the capacity of environment and climate change laws in Asia and the Pacific Region (profile can be accessed at https://lpr.adb.org/profile/aprajita-singh). Additionally, she is a member of the Global Network of Human Rights and the Environment, a global network that brings together thinkers, researchers, policymakers, opinion formers, and community activists to facilitate conversations and relationships for positive change (profile can be accessed at https://gnhre.org/profiles/s-z/singh-aprajita/). Furthermore, she has served as the Program Vice Chair, organizing training for Senior Forest Officers, which was hosted by the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies Dehradun and funded by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.