Bharti Nair Khan

Bharti Nair Khan

Assistant Professor

Profile Summary

Bharti Nair specializes in criminal law and has a good grasp of both procedural and substantive laws in India.

Work Experience

Bharti Nair has 7 years of great teaching experience in academics. Before joining UPES, Mrs. Nair was at Raffles University Neemrana.

Research Interests

Criminal Law, Laws related to women and children, Forensic Law, Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence

Teaching Philosophy

Mrs. Nair believes that students should be provided with a conducive environment in the classroom where they can freely express their thoughts and learn without fear or hesitation. Teaching itself is a learning process, and even teachers learn from their students. Mrs. Nair emphasizes the use and adoption of new technologies and platforms in the classroom to maximize students' benefits. As a law teacher, she understands and agrees that law in theory is different from its practice in courts. Therefore, she emphasizes the practical understanding of concepts.

Courses Taught

Mrs. Nair has taught several subjects, including Criminal Law, Jurisprudence, Legal Method and Legal Reasoning, Law of Torts, Law of Contract, Family Law, Insurance Law, and Constitutional Law.

Scholarly Activities

Mrs. Nair has published in various books and journals. Her latest publications include:

  1. Book chapter titled "Authentication and Admissibility of Forensic Evidence under the Indian Criminal Justice Delivery System: An Analysis" published in an edited book titled "Unleashing the Art of Digital Forensics," Chapman & Hall Publishers, ISBN No. 9781032069753.
  2. "Criminalistics of Cyber Forensics: Investigation of Cyber Crime in the Cyber World" published in the ATISHAY KALIT U.G.C. Care Listed Referred International Bilingual Research Journal of Humanities, Social Science & Fine Arts ROSE (Jan-June) Vol. 10 ISSN No. 2277419X RNIRAJBIL01578/2011-TC.
  3. Book chapter titled "Life Skills in Contemporary Education Systems: Critical Perspectives" published in an edited book titled "Life Skills in Contemporary Education Systems: Critical Perspectives," Nova Science Publishers, ISBN No. 979-8-88697-576-5.
  4. Book chapter titled "Abortion Laws: A Contentious Subject Cooped in Societal Stigma" published in an edited book titled "Abortion: Unfolding Paradigm of Laws in India," BLUEROSE PUBLISHERS, ISBN No. 9789356283152.