Dr. Bhavana Rao

Dr. Bhavana Rao

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade

Profile Summary

Dr. Bhavana is currently employed as a Research Faculty Member at the UPES, Dehradun, India.

Work Experience

Rao has extensive experience of 20 years in the industry and academia, including Solutions Development, Training, Compliance Management, and Law Teaching. Her employers include the Department of Justice, Ministry of Law and Justice, India, Amity Law School, Delhi, NIIT Ltd, STG Ltd, Tata Infotech Ltd, and Advent Technologies.

Research Interests

International Law, Human Rights, Trade, Gender

Teaching Philosophy

Dr. Bhavana prefers to use a customized approach to teaching. While focusing on teaching tools, she believes that each student is unique, and the pulse of the class comes from diverse ideas from both sides. Her students absorb knowledge through pre-reading materials, discussions, and post-class assignments. She believes that law is made or created in the classrooms as much as in legislatures or courts. While she respects learning the law by the black letter, she believes in internalizing logic rather than memorizing sections of the law. She advocates for devising new theories while considering the practical requirements of societal dynamics.

Courses Taught

Dr. Bhavana enjoys teaching interdisciplinary subjects such as Comparative Law, International Trade Law, Gender, and Human Rights. She selects at least one interdisciplinary subject each semester to develop the analytical skills of the learners. Her interests are reflected in her publications on International Law, Jurisprudence, and Human Rights.

Awards and Grants

Indo Middle East Award for Excellence in Teaching and Research in Law

  • Asia Thai Award for Global Excellence in Law

Scholarly Activities

Dr. Bhavana has more than 30 publications in various books and journals. Her book on "Farmer and the Law" has been published by Satyam Law Publications, with a foreword by World Renowned Law Professor Dr. Upendra Baxi. She has also authored a book on "Multidisciplinary Issues in the Contemporary World" published by Empyreal Publishing. Her research paper on Farmers is used as a knowledge resource by the UN Food and Agricultural Organization and is used as reading material by Indian universities. She has presented papers and attended seminars and conferences at both national and international levels, including the International Conference on the Use of Money in Politics organized jointly by the Election Commission of India and International Idea, Sweden, and the World Conference in Dubai where she received the Indo Middle East Award for Excellence in Teaching and Research in Law. She has been invited as a resource person and keynote speaker at various national and international conferences. She is currently conducting research on International Trade and Gender Jurisprudence, including strengthening the capabilities of women entrepreneurs and capacity building for small and medium industries.