Dr. Anju Pandey

Dr. Anju Pandey

Assistant Professor

Profile Summary

Dr. Anju Pandey is recognized as one of the leading experts in environmental law, law and economic development, and law and technology. Her research focuses on constitutional questions pertaining to environmental protection. She has more than four years of teaching experience and has authored book chapters and various research papers. Her areas of expertise include environmental law, jurisprudence, and IP-related issues of biotechnology. She has authored an edited book titled "Environmental Law and Policy in India: Contemporary Issues and Challenges," published by Satyam International, and a textbook titled "E-waste Management: Governance and Policy Options," published by Messrs. Bishen Singh Mahendra Pal Singh.

Work Experience

Before joining UPES in July 2019, Dr. Anju Pandey earned her doctoral degree in the field of Law (Impact of Genetically Modified Food and Patent Laws on Farmers' Rights in India: A Critical Legal Study) from the Central University of Rajasthan (CURAJ). She qualified for UGC NET in 2014.

Research Interests

She has experience presenting research papers in various national and international seminars and conferences. She has participated in research methodology workshops and orientation programs, and she has also published research papers in peer-reviewed journals.

Teaching Philosophy

Dr. Anju's teaching philosophy is based on the understanding that teaching is a continuous process that involves learning and the upgrading of teaching tools and techniques. Therefore, having expertise in the subject alone is not sufficient to make someone a good teacher. Knowledge of teaching tools and techniques is equally important.

She believes in a new model of education that focuses on individual learners. The first and foremost requirement is the identification of individuals' capacity and interests. In order to create a robust learning environment, students should be encouraged to think, imagine, and ask a range of questions.

Courses Taught

Dr. Anju teaches Environmental Law and Policy, Law and Economic Development, Jurisprudence, Constitution, Alternate Dispute Resolution, International Commercial Arbitration, etc.