Dr. Himani Kaushik

Dr. Himani Kaushik

Assistant Professor

Profile Summary

Dr Himani Kaushik holds her PhD, her master’s in philosophy and master’s in arts from the School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University (Delhi) and her undergraduate studies in Political Science honors at S. G. T. B Khalsa College, University of Delhi.

Work Experience

Prior to joining School of law at UPES as an Assistant Professor, she had the privilege of working with G D Goenka University, Gurgaon, and Delhi University. Dr Himani Kaushik has also worked with Niti Aayog for two projects for a year as Research Officer. Prior to these projects she has also worked at Indian Institute of Public Administration as Research Assistant. She was engaged in Report Writing and research work on the selected projects of the Government of India. She has also worked as Research Associate at the Foundation for National Security Research, Ministry of Defence.

Research Interests

Global Politics, Public Administration and Public Policy, Labour Migration, Regional Organization.

Teaching Philosophy

As a professor of political science, I aim to guide students as they improve their knowledge of key concepts in political life, develop important skills, and connect the study of politics to their own practice of politics. In my courses, I strive to engage students by connecting the study of politics to pressing political and moral issues, assist them as they learn to critically evaluate their own political instincts, beliefs, and commitments, and come alongside them as they develop their capacity to act as reflective and responsible democratic citizens. Political science and political theory constitute the study of the institutions, norms, values, and habits that enable and encourage human beings to live, grow, and flourish together. Many students, however, lack clear understandings of the basic concepts and ideas that underpin political life. I select and organize course readings to emphasize and engage with critical questions, puzzles, and questions across the history of political thought, such as the relationship between power and justice, or between liberty, equality, and self-government. In so doing, concepts such as rights, freedom, and democracy come into focus, improving students’ ability to make sense of complex political discourse. Early in each term, I use short-answer exams and quizzes to measure and stimulate students’ capacity to distill complex questions, debates, and concepts into clear, precise, and accessible language.

Courses Taught

Dr. Himani teaches courses like Feminism and Feminist Politics, Public Administration, India’s Foreign Policy, Comparative Government and Politics, International Relations, Local Governance and Development Politics, Public Policy, Political Process in India, Global Politics, Political Theory and Key concepts.