Dr. Mayank Mishra

Dr. Mayank Mishra

Assistant Professor

Profile Summary

Dr. Mayank Mishra is an expert in the field of Energy Laws, with his core area of research focusing on Renewable Energy Law and Policy, Energy Trading/Transactions, and Energy Efficiency Laws. He has a deep inclination for writing on policy/legal issues related to Energy Efficiency Governance. Other areas of interest in which Dr. Mishra has a keen interest include Corporate Laws, Constitutional Laws, Taxation Laws, and International Trade-related Laws.

Work Experience

Before joining UPES, Dr. Mishra worked as an Advocate at Jharkhand High Court and other forums within the State. He has over 8 years of practicing experience in Civil Litigation, Banking Matters, Criminal Litigations, and others. Dr. Mishra has been proactively associated with the Indian Institute of Coal Management (IICM, Ranchi) for imparting legal training to the executives of Coal India Limited (CIL).

Research Interests

Apart from his expertise and publications in Energy Laws, Dr. Mishra has a deep-rooted research interest in Taxation Laws, Constitutional Law, Corporate Law, and Procedural Laws.

Teaching Philosophy

Dr. Mishra believes in participatory and project-based learning to inculcate a holistic learning approach in students. The assignment-based learning methodology enhances the policy-legal analysis of students for a given area, which primarily includes recent developments, policy adoption, legal enactments, and international advancements. Students are provided a deeper understanding of factual, data, and legal analysis through a detailed study of advanced research papers.

Courses Taught

Dr. Mishra teaches subjects related to Energy Laws, including Energy Transactions, Oil and Gas Laws, Electricity Laws, Renewable Energy Law and Policy, and New Energy Initiatives. He also specializes in Corporate Laws and therefore focuses more on teaching Corporate Restructuring Laws, Takeover Laws, Securities Regulation Laws, and Investment Laws.