Dr. Tanveer Kaur

Dr. Tanveer Kaur

Assistant Professor

Profile Summary

Dr Tanveer Kaur, an Assistant Professor (Law) at UPES (University of Petroleum and Energy Studies), Dehradun, holds a doctorate in law specializing in Patent Law from Kurukshetra University. With a foundation in LL.M and BA.LLB, she embodies a passion for teaching, continuously seeking ways to enhance her skills. Specializing in Company Law, her teaching philosophy centres on inclusive, engaging learning environments, fostering critical thinking and individualized engagement. Beyond the classroom, she actively contributes to legal education through research and participation in examination committees. Dr Tanveer finds fulfilment in guiding students, imparting not only legal knowledge but also essential skills for successful legal career, reflecting a holistic commitment to academic excellence.

Work Experience

Dr Tanveer brings a wealth of expertise as a seasoned faculty member, having previously served at Uttaranchal University. Her instructional prowess extends to her current role at UPES, where she actively contributes as a vital member of the examination committee. With a strong commitment to academic excellence, Dr Tanveer seamlessly blends her teaching experience with administrative responsibilities, enriching the educational landscape through her multifaceted contributions.

Research Interests

Dr Tanveer's research interest encompasses diverse fields, notably in the domains of "Company Law," "Intellectual Property Law," “Contract Law” and "Tort Law." Her investigations into Company Law delve into corporate governance, regulatory frameworks, and legal implications. In the realm of Intellectual Property Law, her research explores the evolving landscape of patent laws.

Teaching Philosophy

Dr Tanveer’s teaching philosophy centers on cultivating an inclusive and engaging environment, where I unlock the potential of each student through tailored, individualized learning. She emphasizes critical thinking with thought-provoking assignments, fostering open discussions to explore legal issues from diverse perspectives. Her aim is to empower students for success beyond the classroom, instilling a lifelong passion for learning and equipping them with essential skills for the legal profession.

Courses Taught

She currently instructs students in two foundational legal disciplines: "Company Law" and "Law of Tort." In the "Company Law" course, students delve into the intricacies of corporate legal frameworks, governance structures, and regulatory compliance. Simultaneously, the "Law of Tort" course explores civil wrongs and liabilities, providing a comprehensive understanding of tortuous legal principles and their applications. These courses aim to equip students with a solid foundation for navigating complex legal landscapes in the corporate and tort domains.

Scholarly Activities

Her thesis titled “Trends and challenges to patent law in India -A study with special reference to WTO” was submitted to Kurukshetra University in fulfilment of requirement for the award of degree Ph.D. In her thesis she explored the amendments made to Patents Act,1970 to make it WTO-TRIPS compliant and its implications in the India legal context. This scholarly endeavour delved into the intricate dynamics of patent law in India, focusing on the transformative amendments made to the Patents Act of 1970 to align with the World Trade Organization's Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (WTO-TRIPS). The research explores the multifaceted implications of these amendments on India's patent regime, examining the legal, economic, and societal ramifications.