Dr. Vinita Singh

Dr. Vinita Singh

Senior Associate Professor

Profile Summary

As a history teacher, I believe it is crucial to create a welcoming and engaging learning environment that fosters critical thinking and a deep appreciation for the subject matter. I strive to make historical concepts relatable and applicable to students' lives, inspiring them to explore and inquire about the past to better understand the present. I hold a Ph.D. in History through a project funded by the Indian Council of Historical Research, New Delhi. I have also completed an M.Phil and cleared the UGC NET and UP SLET exams for Lectureship. Throughout my academic career, I have developed a profound understanding of historical events, legal frameworks, and the cultural context of India.

Work Experience

I have been teaching at the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES) in Dehradun for the past 14 years, specializing in Legal History and Indian History. Prior to joining UPES, I worked at IMS Law School in Dehradun, and before that, I held a visiting position at Amity University. I have also worked with NGOs in the field of social welfare.

Research Interests

Legal History, History, International Relations, Oral History, Gender

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy revolves around making history learning simple and interesting. I aim to ignite an appreciation for history in my students and help them develop their research and analytical skills through engaging lectures, group projects, and multimedia tools. I encourage students to connect historical events with contemporary legal and social institutions, appreciate diverse perspectives, and engage in open discourse. I am dedicated to supporting my students' intellectual growth and academic success, enabling them to become well-informed global citizens with a strong foundation in history and critical thinking. To enhance their learning experience, I provide pre-class materials such as texts, films, or interactive online modules, allowing face-to-face sessions to delve deeper into discussions, critical analysis, and the application of historical concepts. By actively involving students in their education, they gain a deeper understanding of historical occurrences, topics, and viewpoints.

Courses Taught

I have taught courses in History, Legal History, and World History. Through studying literature, art, history, and social sciences, law students gain an understanding of the historical development of legal systems, the social and cultural influences shaping legal norms, and the impact of legal judgments on society. Including humanities courses in law school curricula promotes a well-rounded education, fostering creativity, intellectual curiosity, and a comprehensive awareness of the world. Students with a solid foundation in the humanities are better equipped to navigate the complex legal system, adapt to changing societal needs, and make significant contributions to their communities.

Awards and Grants

I have received several certificates of appreciation for my contributions to various committees at UPES, as well as for my academic endeavors and editorial contributions to different magazines.

Scholarly Activities

I am proud to have authored and published multiple books on various historical subjects, contributing to the study of history and education. These publications provide valuable insights to experts and students on topics such as Indian History and Legal History. I actively participate in seminars and conferences both domestically and internationally, presenting research papers and engaging in academic exchanges that keep me at the forefront of historical discourse. I have delivered historical insights at numerous conferences, talks, and seminars worldwide, promoting cross-cultural communication and understanding while expanding my knowledge. Additionally, I regularly share my thoughts and observations on historical events, with a particular focus on their influence on international relations, through contributions to major diplomacy-related periodicals. This writing activity allows me to relate historical occurrences to current international issues.