Mehreen Manzoor

Mehreen Manzoor

Assistant Professor- Senior Scale

Profile Summary

Mehreen Manzoor is an Assistant Professor at UPES, currently pursuing her doctoral studies at Himachal Pradesh National Law University. Her doctoral thesis focuses on Prison Administration and Correctional Approach. Her keen interest in the field of criminology, closely aligned with her Ph.D. study, first materialized during her postgraduate degree. As a LAMP fellow, she was also closely engaged in matters concerning parliamentary practices and procedures, igniting her passion for public policy. She is also interested in unraveling the impact of socio-political discourses in India on crime patterns, with a focus on marginalized groups.

Research Interests

Criminology, Feminist Criminology, Labour and Social Inequality Studies, Penology, Constitutional Law.

Courses Taught

Prof. Mehreen teaches electives on Penology and Victimology, Economics of Crime, Comparative Constitutionalism, along with core subjects such as Labour Law and Constitution.

Scholarly Activities

  • Mehreen Manzoor. (2022). "Neo-Liberal Policies In the Face of Globalisation and Renewed Caste Conflicts and Its Effect on Crime." Journal of Pharmaceutical Negative Results, 7860–7865.
  • Mehreen Manzoor, "THEORISING THE EFFECT OF STIGMATISATION ON THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM: Normalizing Prison Sentences IV Shimla Law Review." 170 (2021).
  • Mehreen Manzoor, "Politics of elderly rights in India," International Journal of Research in Economics and Social Sciences, Vol. 12 Issue 11, November 2022 (75).
  • Mehreen Manzoor, "Victim’s role in crime causation: A study into Theories and Implications," in International Journal of Research in Social Sciences, Vol. 12, Oct 2022 (77).
  • Paper presentation at the 13th Asian Criminology Conference, "Crimes against Women: Re-drawing the Social Contract," in July 2022.
  • Paper presentation at the 8th International and 12th Biennial Conference of the Indian Society of Victimology on "Securing Justice to victims of Crime, Prisoner: Situating the victims of Penology," Nov 2022.
  • Paper titled “Triple Talaq and the Muslim Woman,” presented at the National Conference “Paradigmatic shifts in law and justice in the 21st Century: Challenges and Opportunities,” organized by Himachal Pradesh National Law University on 10th December 2019.
  • Paper titled “Normalising Prisons: A study into De-stigmatising prison sentences and its effects on the Criminal Justice System,” presented at the National Seminar “Access to Criminal and Correctional Justice and Human Trafficking,” organized by Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai on 28 December 2018.