Dr. Nanda Pardhey

Dr. Nanda Pardhey

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade

Profile Summary

Dr. Nanda has expertise in Business Law and Science and Technology Law, including Biotechnology Law, Medical Law, and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), among others. Her research focuses on Biotechnology Law, Genetically Modified Organisms, Health and Environment, Medical Law, and Family Law, with a particular emphasis on women's and children's rights. Her work addresses issues related to agricultural biotechnology, environmental law, food and health safety laws, medical laws in India, and family law, covering topics such as women's and children's rights, inheritance, and successions.

Work Experience

Before joining UPES, Dr. Nanda worked at NMIMS University School of Law in Vile Parle, Mumbai, Nirma University's Institute of Law in Ahmedabad, Amity University's Amity Law School in Mumbai, Sandip University's School of Law in Nashik, and AURO University's School of Law in Surat, in various capacities as an Assistant Professor. Prior to her academic career, she practiced law as a litigator.

Research Interests

Biotechnology Laws, Jurisprudence, Medical Law, Constitutional Law, Family Law, Contract Law, Law of Torts, Law of Evidence, Cyber Laws, and Intellectual Property Laws.

Teaching Philosophy

Dr. Nanda's teaching philosophy is to ground students' learning while providing practical application through a continuous process of teaching and learning that connects with everyday life examples. She incorporates various methodologies where students thoroughly apply the law to given problems and uses live classroom illustrations to demonstrate the relevance of law through problem-solving, helping students develop expert thinking to resolve problems using various provisions of the law.

Courses Taught

Dr. Nanda teaches family law, contract law, financial and systemic frauds, company law, constitutional law, law for startups, insolvency and bankruptcy code, among others. In the past, at other universities, she has taught Jurisprudence, Research Methodology, Law of Evidence, Law of Torts, Contract Law, Medical Law, Law relating to Biotechnology, Human Rights, Code of Civil Procedure, and more. She teaches the law by connecting the dots and highlighting the relevancy of laws, their interconnection, and interpretation, using different teaching methods. Laws, regulations, rules, directives, and upcoming developments in the area are integrated into her classroom teaching.

Scholarly Activities

Dr. Nanda has over 20 publications to her credit, including national and international journals. She has presented and published papers in international conferences and journals, UGC-Care listed journals, and reputed law journals in India. She has also published a book chapter in her area of interest. Her work takes a robust approach to modernization, analyzing the impact of laws on individuals, organizations, and governments, leading to social, economic, and political changes in society. Her Ph.D. in Biotechnology Law focuses on agricultural biotechnology and addresses concerns related to food, crops, health, environment, and societal implications of the technologies.