Ms. Rachna Jha

Ms. Rachna Jha

Assistant Professor

Profile Summary

Ms. Rachna is a graduate from National Law University & Judicial Academy, Assam and has completed her master’s degree from TERI School of Advanced Studies, New Delhi. During her master’s degree she completed her specialization in Environmental and Natural Resources Law. On entering the field of academia she fostered her interest towards the study of Environmental law, Forest and Natural Resources laws, Energy law & Mining Law. 

Work Experience

Ms. Rachna has a teaching experience of 1 year, 9 months. Before joining Academica, she was involved in Litigation in various district courts and High Court of Delhi and has also gained experience as a Law Clerk cum Research Assistant with the Delhi Legal Services Authority respectively.

Research Interests

Environmental Law | Energy Law| Forest & Natural Resources Laws| Mining Law|

Teaching Philosophy

Ms. Rachna’s teaching endeavors are firmly focused on fostering curiosity and critical thinking amongst the students. She believes that by cultivating inquisitiveness in a young person’s mind, we can liberate them from the shackles of conventional learning models and help them achieve wonderous success. She also is an ardent believer in the philosophy that a teacher should not just perform her professional obligations by imparting course relating knowledge but should also try and inculcate a rich and unadulterated value system in all her wards.

Courses Taught

Environmental Law, Business and Digital Laws, Law of Torts; Law Relating to Human Rights; Madhya Pradesh Land Revenue Act, Private International Law; Information Technology Law.

Scholarly Activities

  • Presented a Paper along with Dr Aarushi Batra on “Role of Dispute Resolution Mechanisms in Climate Change and Environmental Issues”, IMS Unison University, 1st International Conference 2023 on Transforming International Dispute Resolution Mechanisms During a Paradigm Shift in Geopolitics, 10-11 February 2023.