Navin Pal Singh

Navin Pal Singh

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale

Profile Summary

Mr. Navin Pal Singh [LL.B, LL.M (NET), Ph.D. Pursuing] is an aspiring legal scholar currently working as an Assistant Professor (Senior Scale) at the School of Law, UPES, Dehradun. He is a talented and dedicated professional with a passion for Constitutional law, Criminal law, Election laws, and Procedural laws. With a total experience of almost 8.5 years in academics and litigation, Mr. Navin has a strong background in the field. He has appeared in various criminal and matrimonial matters before the Hon'ble Supreme Court & High Court of Delhi and has published research papers in peer-reviewed and high-repute journals.

Work Experience: Before joining UPES, Mr. Navin worked as an Assistant Professor at the School of Law, The NorthCap University, Gurugram from January 2017 to December 2018 and at the School of Law, Lovely Professional University, Punjab from April 2016 to November 2016. He also worked as a Senior Associate with Mr. R.S. Goswami, Ex Chairman and Member, Bar Council of Delhi.

Research Interests

Constitutional Law | Procedural Laws | Criminal Law | Election Laws

Teaching Philosophy

Mr. Navin's teaching philosophy is based on creating a learning and critical thinking environment for students. He believes that as an academician teaching law, it is essential to have a deep understanding of legal principles and concepts and the ability to effectively convey that knowledge to students. He also believes that as a law academician, the responsibility extends beyond imparting legal education to making students torchbearers in society, creating awareness about their legal rights and responsibilities.

Courses Taught

Mr. Navin has a keen interest in Criminal, Constitutional, and Procedural laws. He teaches core law subjects such as Criminal Procedure Code, Civil Procedure Code, Indian Penal Code, Law of Evidence, and Constitutional Law. Alongside theory, Mr. Navin incorporates practical aspects of these subjects to provide students with real-world applications of the law.

Scholarly Activities

Mr. Navin's scholarly work focuses on Constitutional, Criminal, and Election laws. He has published research articles in Scopus-indexed and UGC CARE-listed journals, including:

"Dichotomy Between Media's Right to Expression Vis-À-Vis Fundamental Rights of an Individual in India" in the Journal of Positive School Psychology, Vol. 6, No. 9, 2022, pp. 3501-3514, ISSN No. 2717-7564 (Scopus Indexed)

"Constitutionalism and Amendment: Understanding Indian Constitution" in the Himalayan Journal of Contemporary Research, Vol. No. VI, 2017, pp. 1936-1947, ISSN No. 2319-3174 (UGC CARE Journal)

"Electoral Reforms: A Step towards Sustaining Democratic Spirit in India" in Researcher (Multi-Disciplinary Refereed journal), Vol. No. XIV, 2018, pp. 57-68, ISSN No. 2278-9022

"Child's Right to Food: Addressing Malnutrition through Law and Policy in India" in Design Engineering, Issue 9, 2021, pp. 6600-6612, ISSN No. 0011-9342 (Scopus Indexed)

"Contempt of Court and Free Expression- Need for a Delicate Balance" in Kanpur Philosophers, Vol. VIII, Issue IV, 2021, pp. 17-25, ISSN No. 2348-8301(UGC CARE Journal)

Mr. Navin has also contributed chapters to various books, including:

"Sexual Victimization of Children: A Critical Analysis with Reference to Menace of Child Pornography and Law in India" in Children's Rights - Challenges and Prospects, ABS Books Publications, 2022, ISBN No. 978-93-9100-250-3

"Right of Mother to Abort vis-à-vis Right of Unborn Child: A Critical Analysis" in Expanding Horizons of Article 21 of Indian Constitution: A Critique, The Delhi Law House, Delhi 2021, pp. 196-212, ISBN No-978-93-8891-839-8

"Labour Welfare and Protection of Rights of Women Workers in India: An Analysis" in Human Rights of Women - New Challenges by Dr. Puneet Pathak, ABS Books Publications, 2021, pp. 64-78, ISBN No: 978-93-9100-215-2

"Legislative Inroads into Hindu Joint Family: A Step towards Equality or Bringing it to the Verge of Extinction?" in Family Law - Prospects & Challenges, pp. 113-134, Satyam Law International, ISBN No. 978-93-91345-68-6.