Rafique Khan

Rafique Khan

Assistant Professor

Profile Summary

Having completed comprehensive legal education and obtained advanced degrees in law, Rafique Khan possesses a strong understanding of various legal concepts and principles. He is well-versed in areas such as corporate law, IT law, contract law, and legal research and writing. Throughout his career, Rafique Khan has demonstrated a commitment to fostering an engaging and inclusive learning environment. He employs innovative teaching methodologies to effectively convey complex legal concepts to his students. His ability to connect with students on an individual level, address their questions, and encourage critical thinking has earned him praise and admiration from both colleagues and students. Rafique Khan actively contributes to legal research and scholarship. He has published articles in reputable legal journals and presented his work at national and international conferences. His research interests include emerging legal issues, social justice, and the intersection of law and technology.

Work Experience

Before joining UPES, Rafique Khan worked as an Assistant Professor at Unitedworld School of Law, Karnavati University, and as a guest faculty at the Faculty of Law, Jamia Millia Islamia.

Research Interests

Regulatory and policy implications of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data on competition-related laws, Digital Constitutionalism, Tax Laws, Role of technology in environmental sustainability, emerging legal issues, social justice, and the intersection of law and technology (in general).

Teaching Philosophy

Rafique Khan embraces a student-centered teaching philosophy. He believes in active learning, using interactive methods like case studies and group discussions to engage students. Creating an inclusive environment is crucial to him, valuing diversity and encouraging open dialogue. Rafique takes a student-centered approach, understanding individual learning styles and tailoring instruction accordingly. He emphasizes the practical application of legal knowledge, bridging theory and practice through exercises and simulations. Ethical awareness is also a priority, fostering discussions on legal ethics and professionalism. Through this philosophy, he aims to empower students as critical thinkers, effective communicators, and ethical legal professionals.

Courses Taught

Rafique Khan has taught Competition laws, an elective on Artificial Intelligence and Law, Research Methodology, International Economic Institutions, Comparative Jurisprudence, Indirect Tax, Environmental Law, Legal Methods, ADR, Commercial litigation, and Corporate Governance.

Scholarly Activities

Rafique Khan has written several scholarly articles in journals of national and international repute (SCOPUS indexed, UGC CARE listed). Recent publications and paper presentations include a media review in Asia Policy and Politics (How Indian Media Reported on Sri Lankan Crisis), CPJ Law Journal (Implication of Big Data on Competition Law enforcement), NIU International Journal on Human Rights (Issues and Challenges in custody of children with special reference to NRI marriages), and a paper presentation at NLIU Bhopal (Consumer Protection and Artificial Intelligence: Issues and Prospects).