Sajal Sharma

Sajal Sharma

Assistant Professor

Profile Summary

Sajal Sharma is a recognized expert in the field of intellectual property laws, with a focus on Air and Space Laws. His research primarily centers around the protection of intellectual property in commercial activities related to outer space. He addresses the complex issues involved in protecting intellectual property in an environment that is considered the common heritage of mankind.

Work Experience

Before joining UPES, Sajal was associated with the School of Law at Presidency University, Bengaluru. He has also held faculty positions at the School of Law, Alliance University, Bengaluru, and SLCU, Christ University, Bengaluru. Additionally, he has taught at IILS, Siliguri.

Research Interests

Air and Space Law, Intellectual Property Laws, Corporate Law, Technology Laws, Cyber Laws, Artificial Intelligence Law

Teaching Philosophy

Sajal's teaching philosophy is grounded in the understanding that law profoundly influences not only social but also economic relations in society. In his teaching, he incorporates the understanding of these influences to provide students with a comprehensive perspective. He believes in creating a real-world scenario in the classroom by using current and relevant examples when teaching subjects such as intellectual property laws or cyber laws. He believes in assigning innovative projects that provide students with an experiential understanding of the subject matter beyond the classroom. He emphasizes the importance of knowing all his students by name to enhance the classroom experience.

Courses Taught

Sajal teaches electives such as Intellectual Property Rights in cyberspace and Air & Space Laws. He also teaches core papers such as Intellectual Property Laws, Company Law, Interpretation of Statutes, and other procedural and substantive laws. He explores the impact of new technologies on property rights, privacy, and other issues related to mankind in cyberspace.

Scholarly Activities

Sajal primarily conducts research on the interplay of intellectual properties in outer space activities, considering the growing interest of private space corporations in utilizing and exploiting outer space resources. In the field of IP law, he has extensively studied biological patents and the legal frameworks related to them in the USA, EU, and India. Currently, he is actively researching the evolving legal frameworks related to emerging technologies, particularly artificial intelligence and machine learning.