Shilpi Yadav

Shilpi Yadav

Assistant Professor

Profile Summary

Shilpi is a highly accomplished legal professional with extensive field experience. She holds a B.A.L.L.B (Hons) and L.L.M. degree in IPR & Corporate Laws from the Indian Law Institute, Delhi. Shilpi is qualified in UGC NET and is presently pursuing Ph.D., specializing in Cyber & Criminal Laws.

Furthermore, Shilpi tannates prominent profile that includes of an advisor, editor, and jurist. She serves as the Chief Editor and Advisor for the esteemed journal Wisdom Crux, bearing ISSN of 2456-6233. Additionally, she is a co-founder of a renowned law website, lawtimesjournal. Shilpi's exceptional standing in the legal community is exemplified by her distinguished membership in the International Council of Jurists based in London.

Work Experience

Shilpi possesses a diverse and extensive professional background that encompasses teaching and legal practice. Prior to UPES, she has worked on cases in the Supreme Court, High Court of Delhi, and District Courts where she represented numerous corporations, including the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (EDMC, NDMC, and SDMC), Ingersoll Rand Pvt. Ltd, Padpradarshi Foundation, among others.

Research Interests

Her research interests and areas of expertise revolve around multiple aspects of law, particularly in the fields of criminal laws, cyber laws, intellectual property rights, corporate law, media and entertainment law. Her research publications and chapters in books cover topics on infringement of trademarks and designs, prevention of money laundering, impact of globalization on education systems, battered women syndrome, procedures under the NDPS Act and clashes between intellectual property rights and space laws.

Teaching Philosophy

Shilpi’s teaching philosophy revolves around creating an engaging and inclusive learning environment that fosters critical thinking, practical application, and personal growth among students. Her teaching approach is student centric, emphasizing active participation, collaboration and real-world relevance. As an educator, Shilpi recognizes the importance of tailoring her teaching strategies to accommodate diverse learning styles and backgrounds. She encourages students to take ownership of their learning by providing them with opportunities for self-reflection, self-directed learning, and independent thinking. By empowering students to become active participants in their educational journey, she aims to nurture their curiosity, critical thinking abilities and lifelong learning skills.

Courses Taught

Subjects that she teaches includes Indian Penal Code, Indian Contract Act, Interpretation of Statutes, Professionals Ethics, Intellectual Property Rights, Evidence etc.

Scholarly Activities

Shilpi has been actively engaged in various scholarly activities, demonstrating her dedication to academic research and knowledge dissemination. Her contributions include a range of research publications, showcasing her expertise in areas such as intellectual property rights, global legal issues, criminal law and contemporary legal challenges. She has authored chapters in edited books which include topics like jurisprudence of intellectual property rights, banking and corporate law developments in India and the impact of globalization on education systems. Shilpi is also a co-author of edited book on Dynamins of Media & Entertainment Law. She also has published papers in esteemed journals, addressing diverse subjects such as revenge pornography, the death penalty, constitutional rights of children living with their parents in prison, technology differentiation in the solar energy markets and juvenile delinquency.

Furthermore, Shilpi actively participates in academic conferences and seminars, where she presents her research findings and engages in intellectual discussions with fellow scholars.