Shradha Baranwal

Shradha Baranwal

Assistant Professor

Profile Summary

Ms. Shradha Baranwal is known for her commitment to academics and research. She started her research journey by assisting senior Judges in the Supreme Court of India as a Law Researcher. Her research journey also includes a brief association with leading law publishing houses as editor and a coveted project with National Human Rights Commission on ‘Gender Justice and the Indian Constitution’. She has published papers in UGC care-listed journals and with national and international publishers. Along with research, she has constantly been a part of various training programs and FDPs wherein she has been updating and rediscovering the changing dimensions and needs of legal education. Ms. Shradha graduated in law from the University of Delhi and thereafter pursued LL.M. from the National Law School of India University, Bangalore. Ms. Shradha is also UGC NET qualified. Currently, she is pursuing her doctorate from Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala.

Along with academic formal learning, Ms. Shradha has been an ardent observer of legal developments in the country and holds a keen interest in the legal history of India and governance issues. Off late Ms. Shradha has developed an interest in the interface between law and religion and is focusing on the same in her research endeavors.

Work Experience

Before joining UPES, Ms. Shradha was at the GLA University, Mathura as Assistant Professor. She has also worked with a couple of law firms based in Delhi focusing on the areas of real estate sector, Banking Sector, and aviation matters. She has appeared in various courts in Delhi including the High Court of Delhi, NCDRC, New Delhi, NGT, DRT, and the PMLA Court, New Delhi. During her academic associations, Ms. Shradha has taken up important administrative responsibilities including, Faculty Convenor for Legal Aid, Committee head for Internship and career services, and coordinator for the Mentorship program at the school level. Ms. Shradha also has a keen interest in social service and had been part of various CSR events organized at the school level.

Research Interests

Ms. Shradha has a keen research interest in law and religion, Environment liability mechanisms, legal history, and gender issues.

Teaching Philosophy

Ms. Shradha has constantly worked on different teaching methods to develop an environment of legal discourse among students. Regular short assignments, a requirement to pre-read the text and chapters support and encourage the students to create a climate of learning. Incorporation of technology and learning beyond books are some of the aspects which she believes would develop critical thinking for legal education.

Courses Taught

Ms. Shradha teaches Constitution Law, Contract Law, and Jurisprudence. She has also taken up teaching assignments on Family Law, Labour Law, Right to Information, Environment Law, Pleading and Drafting, and Law and Justice in the Globalized World.

Scholarly Activities

Ms. Shradha has published on various subjects of law including Law and Religion, Human rights, Gender issues, Judicial process, Constitution, Cyberlaw, and Environmental issues in indexed journals. She has written on issues like Female Genital Mutilation, Interpreting consent in Rape cases, Judicial Outreach, Criminal liability for environmental crimes, changing dimensions of cyber law and women, Gender justice and Indian Constitution, and issues relating to Labour Law, etc. Recently, she co-edited a book on cyber law titled ‘Cyber Crimes: Issues Policy Regulation & Development’ published by Satyam Law International.