Shriya Pandey

Shriya Pandey

Assistant Professor

Profile Summary

As an Assistant Professor, Shriya’s goal is to bring passion for both teaching and research. With a solid foundation in Constitutional Laws, my focus lies in fostering critical thinking, encouraging intellectual curiosity, and cultivating a dynamic learning environment. Simultaneously, her dedication to research is evident through publications, presentations, and ongoing scholarly contributions. Her research endeavors aim to address pertinent issues within the field, seeking solutions and contributing novel insights that enrich the academic community.

Work Experience

Before joining as Assistant Professor at UPES, Shriya was enrolled as a research scholar at UPES itself. For about two years have worked in the research field more specifically in Forensic Sciences and Law.

Research Interests

Forensic Science | DNA Profiling | Constitutional Law |Right to Privacy.

Teaching Philosophy

Shriya’s main teaching goal is to bring passion for both teaching and research and is committed to nurturing and inspiring students while advancing scholarly knowledge. Use of case laws into the classes has been one of the most practical tools to help students get real life updates on practical functioning of laws in the country. Each and every concept that is taught in the class is backed up by prevalent examples because of which students stay up to date with the current events going on around them. Using authentic problems helps students move from novice to expert thinking.

Courses Taught

Shriya Pandey has taught several laws relating to the Environment. The course has led students to analyse how far the laws are effective in tackling the ever increasing issues relating to environment degradation. In another stream, she has taught one of the most important course on Right to Information wherein, how this right has evolved in the national as well as international arena was studied.

Awards and Grants

Shriya Pandey has done work in the research field and law. She has presented papers in several renowned organizations and added her bit to the research field.

Scholarly Activities

Shriya has done several multidisciplinary studies in the field of law and forensic sciences. Her work has shown the linkage between several streams of law more specifically forensic sciences and constitutional laws.