Shruti Dasgupta

Shruti Dasgupta

Assistant Professor

Profile Summary

Shruti Dasgupta masters in Personal laws. She specializes in the areas dealing with gender justice and women related laws.

Work Experience

Shruti Dasgupta has a 10 years of great teaching experience in academics.

Research Interests

Laws related to Women and Children, Personal Laws and Jurisprudence.

Teaching Philosophy

Mrs. Dasgupta believes that a student learns best when given an opportunity to speak his/her mind out. Teaching and learning are a two-way process. In this era Mrs. Shruti focusses on using advanced technology while making the teaching learning process further interactive and beneficial. To make the student adept and suitable to face the practical world after the completion of the degree she emphasis on the pragmatic and application-oriented study.

Courses Taught

Mrs. Dasgupta has taught several subjects including Jurisprudence, Family Law, Law of torts, Law of Contract, Digital Law and Cyber Crimes, Law of Evidence, Insurance law and Constitutional Law.

Scholarly Activities

Mrs. Shruti has many publications in various books and Journals. Her few publications include the following titles. ‘Socio Economic Conditions of Old Age People in Siliguri and its Adjoining Rural Areas’, ‘Evidentiary Value of Voice Identification in Criminal Cases’,  ‘PIL as a means of social transformation’, ‘An Analytical Study on the Open Prison System in India’, ‘An Analytical Study of Green Technology as A Panacea to The Global Climatic Change’, ‘A Study of the Safety and Health of the Prisoners in India: A Move Towards Rehabilitation and Reformation’, ‘An Analytical Study of increasing trends of Cyber Crimes in India from 2011 to 2021: Issues and Solutions’, ‘Copyrights And Trademarks In Cyberspace: A Legal And Economic Analysis'.