Dr. Surya Saxena

Dr. Surya Saxena

Assistant Professor

Profile Summary

Mr. Surya Saxena is dynamic and dedicated with a robust academic background and a passion for cultivating the next generation of legal professionals. Having a keen interest and knowledge in Alternate Dispute Resolution, Legal Writing, Corporate Laws, and Legal Blogs, I am committed to creating a vibrant and inclusive learning environment that promotes critical thinking and analytical skills. My teaching philosophy centers on innovative pedagogy, encouraging student engagement through practical applications of legal concepts.

As a published legal scholar, I actively contribute to the academic discourse, with a focus on contemporary legal issues. My commitment to research extends beyond the classroom, fostering a deeper understanding of the law and its societal implications. A mentor at heart, I am adept at guiding students in their academic and professional journeys, emphasizing ethical practice and social responsibility.

Work Experience

Mr. Saxena has close to 4 years of experience in higher academia. Before joining UPES, Prof. Saxena was at Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Management Studies, Department of Law, and was working as an Assistant Professor. He also worked at the ICFAI University, Dehradun and at DME, Noida (Affiliated to GGSIPU, Delhi).

Research Interests

Arbitration I Competition Law I Corporate Law I Legal Writing

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy centers on fostering a dynamic learning environment where students engage deeply with legal concepts. I prioritize critical thinking, practical application, and ethical considerations to empower students as future legal professionals. By integrating real-world examples and encouraging open discourse, I aim to cultivate a passion for justice and a commitment to social responsibility. As a law professor, my goal is to inspire a lifelong love for learning, equipping students with the skills and mindset necessary to navigate complex legal issues and contribute meaningfully to the legal community.

Courses Taught

Arbitration Law, Competition Law, Law of Contracts, Company Law.

Awards and Grants

  • Judged 2nd J.S. Verma National Memorial ADR Competition, organized by Department of Law, Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Management Studies in association with NALSA 24th – 25th March, 2022. 
  • Judged 2nd Edition of MIT WPU Vidhi Manthan – A Corporate Law Fest, organized by School of Law, MIT WPU, Pune 25th – 26th February, 2022. 
  • Judged 1st N.J. Yasawy Virtual National Environmental Law Moot Court Competition organized by ICFAI Law School, the ICFAI University, Dehradun 3rd – 5th September, 2021. 
  • Judged 3rd Intra-Moot Court Competition organized by Dharmashashtra National Law University, Jabalpur 20th and 21st August, 2021.

Scholarly Activities

Mr. Saxena’s scholarly activities encompass a multifaceted approach aimed at advancing legal knowledge and contributing to the academic community. I actively engage in rigorous research, with a focus on contemporary legal issues such as arbitration law and corporate laws. My publications in reputable legal journals underscore my commitment to scholarly excellence, providing valuable insights to both practitioners and fellow academics. Additionally, participation in conferences and seminars allows me to share my expertise, exchange ideas, and stay current with emerging legal trends. Mr. Saxena also contributes to the academic community through peer review activities, ensuring the quality and relevance of scholarly work. By mentoring students in research endeavors, Mr. Saxena fosters the next generation of legal scholars. 

Overall, my scholarly pursuits not only enhance my understanding of the law but also contribute meaningfully to the broader legal discourse, reinforcing the importance of continuous learning and critical analysis in the ever-evolving field of law.