Abhishek Kumar Singh

Dr. Abhishek Kumar Singh

Associate Professor

Profile Summary

Dr. Abhishek, a graduate of the esteemed Central University of India with a specialization in Digital Media, boasts a career characterized by exceptional communication and interpersonal skills. Having honed his talents in India, the Middle East, and most recently as a faculty member at American University, Dr. Abhishek exhibits a remarkable ability to connect with students and colleagues across cultures. His passion for education translates into interactive, challenging, and engaging teaching methods, driven by his analytical approach that considers the psychological, leadership, and research dimensions of learning. Beyond the classroom, Dr. Abhishek has taken on various leadership roles, including system-wide coordinator, head of the Media Department, and active member of the research office and doctoral program coordinator, demonstrating his dedication to both academic excellence and administrative efficiency.

Work Experience

Dr. Abhishek has a brilliant academic career with more than 15 years of successful University teaching experience in top academic establishments like IGNOU, University of Delhi, GGSIP University & Amity University India and as a senior academician in the Ministry of Higher Education, Oman and associated with Purdue University Northwest, USA with specializing in Online Journalism and Digital Media. 

Research Interests

Dr. Abhishek has published more than 60 research papers in Scopus-indexed journals, UGC-listed, and peer-reviewed national and international research journals. Dr. Abhishek has also participated in an international Media congress in Turkey, and Dubai and regularly delivered special lectures on media and digital Public Relations topics at various universities in Iran. He also presented research papers in many national and international research conferences. 

Dr. Abhishek has Published three books on media, i.e.,

  1. Indian Society and Media Consumerism
  2. Advertising and Sales Promotion
  3. Sports Journalism

Teaching Philosophy

Dr. Abhishek thrives on engaging students in active learning. His classes transcend traditional lectures, transforming into vibrant forums where students delve into real-world scenarios and explore media and digital journalism beyond the textbook. He believes true understanding blossoms not just within the classroom, but through critical thinking and problem-solving fueled by practical application. Inspired by his own transformative learning experiences, Dr. Abhishek structures his courses around dialogue and dynamic student interaction, aligning curriculum with both market demands and individual student needs. This commitment to interactive, research-based learning fosters a passion for independent inquiry and ignites new academic sparks in his students. In essence, Dr. Abhishek's teaching philosophy elevates education from mere knowledge transfer to a journey of discovery and empowerment.

Courses Taught

By leveraging his diverse skill set and industry experience, Dr. Abhishek can provide comprehensive and practical education to students in the fields of Digital Media, Online Journalism, Digital trends in Public Relations, Media Research, Rhetorical Communication, Popular Culture, Strategic Communication, Digital Marketing, and Electronic Media- Media Technology.