Atri Nautiyal

Atri Nautiyal

Director, School of Liberal Studies

Profile Summary

Atri currently serves as the Associate Dean at the School of Liberal Studies, UPES

Areas of Interests: Renewable Energy, Environment, Displacement and Migration

Teaching: Economics, Finance and Environment

Work Experience

A combined academic and corporate experience spanning over two decades, he has worked within major North American Financial Institutions such as the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and TD Canada Trust in Canada, as a Financial Advisor specializing in Wealth Management. In the academic, he has over a decade of experience in teaching and research in the domain of economics, environment, and displacements.

Research Interests

At present, Atri is collaborating with the Department of Science & Technology (GOI) in the field of renewable energy. He is an investigator in four DST sponsored projects that are aimed at fostering scientific curiosity among school children in the remote areas of Uttarakhand. Atri's research interests extend to development-related displacement concerns in Uttarakhand. Alongside his collaborators, he is engaged in studying the involuntary displacement resulting from the construction of hydro projects in the region. The work focuses on understanding the social, environmental, and economic impacts of such displacements and seeking ways to address and mitigate these challenges.

Teaching Philosophy

Atri’s emphasizes on a practice-oriented approach to imparting academic concepts. He encourages his students to engage in critical thinking, analyse information and develop problem- solving skills.

Courses Taught

Atri has taught courses in Economics, Finance and Environment

Awards and Grants

  • Outreach Activities to Promote Scientific Temper regarding Sustainable Development among School Students of Uttarakhand. Sanctioned Amount – 36.19 Lakhs (2021)
  • Sustainable energy workshops for students in remote Himalayan region schools of Uttarakhand. Sanctioned Amount – 13.40 lakhs (2019)
  • Hands-on activities/demonstration of energy, water, and Environmental conservation techniques for students in schools of Chamoli district in Uttarakhand. Sanctioned Amount - 6.52 lakhs (2021)
  • Communicable Disease Prevention and control demonstration workshops with special focus on Covid-19 for students in schools of Dehradun district in Uttarakhand. Sanctioned Amount – 13.06 Lakh (2022)

Scholarly Activities

Atri's expertise lies in the fields of development-induced displacement and renewable energy. His research focuses on alternative forms of energy and the socio-economic impacts of involuntary displacement.