Gaurav Misra

Gaurav Misra

Cluster Head

Profile Summary

Gaurav Misra is India's 1st ISTD certified life skills educator acknowledged with 'International Recognition' by the CTAUN, United Nations for his innovative skill development initiatives. He is a Fulbright fellow, ‘Global Leader for Innovation and Knowledge’ scholar, and 3 times Blackboard Award winner. He holds Dip TD from ISTD, PGDBM from LBSIMT, and MA (English) from MJPRU. Additionally, He has participated in world-class training programs at Syracuse University (New York), IIE (Washington D.C.), Chuo University (Tokyo), Fujitsu (Yokohama), Temasek Polytechnic (Singapore), Doi Tung (Bangkok), and Infosys (India).

As a ‘Fulbright in the Classroom’ grant winner in 2021, he conducted culture-exchange sessions for K-through-College classrooms across the United States. In 2019, he accomplished the multinational leadership program GLIK (Global Leaders for Innovation and Knowledge) and worked on his award-winning Capstone Project in 4 countries (Japan, the USA, Singapore, and Thailand). In 2015, he was awarded Fulbright Fellowship to teach and study at the University of Montana, USA; and was selected for the ‘Distinguished Service and Outreach Award’ for his outstanding service to the university campus and the Missoula community.

Work Experience

Gaurav has been training, coaching, and mentoring corporate professionals and university students from USA, UK, UAE, Germany, Canada, Japan, Mauritius, and Dubai. With a career span of more than a decade, he has coached, trained, and mentored about 15,000 youth globally and has conducted more than 100 ‘Train the Trainer’ programs. He has conducted training programs for American Councils, British Council, Fujitsu (Japan), upGrad, NCC, USIEF, Reliance, Eureka Forbes, Lifestyle Mr. & Ms. India, UC Davis, New Jersey City University, Duke University, Virginia State University, CUNY Queens College, UNC (Colorado), MSU (Denver), RU (South Africa) to name a few.

Research Interests

Life Skills | Training and Development | Leadership and Teamwork | Communication and Soft Skills | Education | Pedagogy | Gamification

Teaching Philosophy

Gaurav Misra’s teaching philosophy revolves around Andragogy, recognizing that adults learn best when engaged and empowered in the learning process. By leveraging gamification, he transforms educational experiences into enjoyable journeys. Through interactive challenges, rewards, and collaborative activities, he creates an environment that fosters intrinsic motivation and active participation. By combining fun and practicality, he aims to instill essential life skills, equipping his students with the confidence and knowledge needed to navigate real-world challenges successfully. He believes in a transformative learning experience that embraces joy, growth, and lifelong development.

Courses Taught

Gaurav is passionately committed to empowering students with essential life skills like communication, leadership, and teamwork. With expertise in Business Communication, Professional Communication, and Technical Communication, he aims to cultivate a well-rounded understanding of effective interpersonal interactions in both personal and professional realms. Continuously tracking advancements in these domains, Gaurav is dedicated to integrating the latest knowledge into his teachings to ensure his students are equipped with up-to-date and relevant insights. His goal is to foster confident and competent individuals who can thrive in diverse environments and navigate the challenges of the modern world.

Awards and Grants

  • 2023 Catalyst Award, Anthology Inc, USA
  • 2023 Academic Excellence Award, UPES
  • 2022 Fulbright in the Classroom Grant, Fulbright Association, Washington DC
  • 2022 Catalyst Award, Anthology Inc, USA
  • 2022 US Alumni Micro Grant, US Embassy India
  • 2021 Fulbright in the Classroom Grant, Fulbright Association, Washington DC
  • 2020-21 Blackboard Award, TLC Asia Pacific
  • 2019 Honorable Learner Award, JAIMS, Japan
  • 2019 GLIK Fellow, Fujitsu, Singapore
  • 2019 International Recognition, CTAUN, United Nations, New York
  • 2016 Distinguished Service & Outreach Award, University of Montana, USA
  • 2016 Youth Representative, United Nations, New York
  • 2015 Fulbright Scholar, USIEF, New Delhi

Scholarly Activities

Presently, Gaurav Misra is pursuing his Ph.D. in online life skills training through gamified pedagogy. The title of his research is ‘The Impact of Gamification on Engagement, Motivation, and Achievement of Higher Education Students Undertaking Life Skills Training via Online Delivery Mode’. Gaurav has made significant scholarly contributions in the areas of life skills education and pedagogy. He has presented his research papers at national and international conferences. His book chapter on life skills has been published in an ISBN book ‘Life Skills – A Gateway to Happiness’.