Sakshi Chanana

Sakshi Chanana

Assistant Professor

Profile Summary

Dr Sakshi Chanana is the program lead of Digital Humanities, and an Assistant Professor of English Literature at School of Liberal Studies. She was awarded Ph.D. by Centre of English Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University. Her areas of specialisation include Popular Literature, Creative Writing, and Translation Studies. She is the recipient of the Fulbright Award 2018-2019, University of Notre Dame, USA, and has also been selected for British Academy Talent funded project on Digital Humanities at Royal Holloway University, London, titled ‘Climate Keywords: Towards a digital analysis of Environmental concepts in the UN corpus’.She has published two poetry books, including one translation; and conducted several writing workshops, faculty development training and leadership training programs across the world.

Work Experience

Dr Chanana has taught at various universities including Kathmandu University, Delhi University, Guru Nanak Dev University, Sri Aurobindo centre of Arts and Communication, and JNU over the last 15 years.

Research Interests

Popular Literature | Digital Humanities| Translation Studies | New Media and Television Studies

Teaching Philosophy

As an English Literature Professor, Dr. Chanana’s teaching philosophy is steeped in creating an inclusive learning environment that nudges students to ask and explore questions and understand the nuances of literature beyond the text within and outside the classroom. Cultivating a profound appreciation for literature, she encourages students to engage in literary discussions, discover new ways of comprehending life, and recognize literature's role in shaping society.

Combining a close reading of texts with distant reading, Dr. Chanana tries to bring theory and praxis alive in her classes and makes a conscious attempt to add value to students' lives. Her approach to teaching aims to foster critical thinking, creativity, and a deeper understanding of literary works, helping students connect with the material on a personal and intellectual level. By embracing an inclusive and supportive learning environment, she strives to empower students to explore the vast world of literature with curiosity and confidence.

Courses Taught

I Digital Humanities Canon I British Poetry I Indian Writing in English Translation I Technical WritingI Communication Skills I Popular Fiction

Awards and Grants

  • Fulbright Scholarship awarded by US Department of State and USIEF (2018-2019)
  • Digital Humanities Project funded by British Academy- Towards a digital analysis of environmental concepts in the UN corpus.
  • Gold Medalist in M. Phil (English)
  • Second Rank and Silver Medal in M.A (English)

Scholarly Activities

Apart from teaching and research, Dr. Chanana is also invested in creating an ecosystem and culture of writing as a tool for self-knowledge, branding, and communication. She conducts regular workshops and story-telling sessions in academia and industry, aimed at transforming the world, one word at a time.