Sudeshna Chowdhury

Sudeshna Chowdhury

Associate Professor

Profile Summary

Sudeshna Chowdhury has worked as a journalist in India and in the US. She has done her M.A. in journalism from Indiana University, Bloomington, United States, where she specialized in Global Journalism track. Her assignments have taken her to different parts of the world.

Work Experience

Her work has appeared in Deutsche Welle, The Atlantic, Thomson Reuters Foundation, The Christian Science Monitor, Inter Press Service, Bloomberg UTV, WFHB 91.3 FM, Hindustan Times and Mid-DAY, among other media outlets. She has also worked as a communication expert for The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations in New York.

Research Interests

Gender / War, Peace and Conflict / Radio /Narrative Journalism.

Teaching Philosophy

As a Professor of Practice, Professor Sudeshna makes sure that her students get hands-on experience in the field of reporting and writing. She insists on “shoe leather” reporting so that her students develop firm and strong foundational skills in field reporting. Prof. Sudeshna insists on professionalism. She expects her students to deliver output which are of industry standards.

Courses Taught

Professor Sudeshna teaches a multitude of courses. In her class students learn about emerging role of social media in driving political and social changes around the world. She teaches students about the convergence between global media and digital networks. In her class students also learn to work professionally in a studio where they learn about multicamera setup and floor management techniques.

Awards and Grants

Prof. Sudeshna has received recognition for her journalistic work from different organizations around the world. Her work has been featured in various national and international organizations.

Scholarly Activities

Prof. Sudeshna served as a communication lead at The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. She was in-charge of the media landscape in North America and was actively involved in building profile of the organization within the region. She has also worked as a Science Journalist in Boston and has interviewed high-profile scientists working in the field of science and technology around the world. Prof. Sudeshna has also worked as a UN correspondent in New York.