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The university’s international collaborations for international credit transfer, semester exchange, semester abroad, and virtual programs are designed to unlock the student's potential and foster a globally-inclusive and interconnected academic community that prioritises cross-cultural learning and understanding. We strive to empower our students, faculty, and staff to engage in meaningful international experiences, collaborations and partnerships.

International Academic Collaborations

Berkeley Global
University of Queensland
University of Gothenburg
University Of Aberdeen
University of Bologna
Saint Petersburg State University
Gold Smith University

Global Pathway Program

UPES Global Pathway Program is a step towards giving exceptional international experience to students. Under the Global Pathway Program, students have the option to complete a certain portion of the course at UPES, and the balance at our academic partner universities (in the UK, Germany, Australia, Canada and the US) subject to completing the eligibility criterion of the academic partner universities.

The programs at UPES are carefully synced with those at academic partner universities, to ensure that aspects of study are not repeated and students gain an advantage in academics. Upon successful completion of the course at the partner university and complying with all academic criteria, the student receives a degree from the international partner university.

The extensive curriculum, experiential learning, and globally-recognised academic practices at UPES facilitate seamless credit transfers to top-ranked international academic partner universities at an affordable cost.

The international academic office, UPES, facilitates the credit transfer process. Upon completion of studies at the partner university, the students can apply for a post-study work visa, based on the rules of the destination country.

Semester Abroad Program

Semester Abroad Program at UPES is an opportunity for students to study for a defined period at an international university. These programs are designed to provide students with a chance to experience a new academic environment, culture, and educational system while continuing to make progress toward their degree. They provide an invaluable opportunity for students to broaden their horizons, gain unique experiences, and enhance their personal and professional growth.

Student Testimonials

Video Play Icon Syed Mohd Raza Taqvi

Syed Mohd Raza Taqvi

School Of Business
Video Play Icon Tanisha Kaura

Tanisha Kaura

School Of Design
Video Play Icon Animesh Asthana

Animesh Asthana

School Of Design


UPES students have the unique advantage of learning from the faculty of partner universities. Co-teaching enables students to learn from distinguished faculty hailing from different parts of the world. Diversity in education has a direct impact on the students, benefitting them academically and socially. UPES offers an education that is both global and inclusive so students are better prepared for a complex and pluralistic society.

Interaction with faculty from different cultural backgrounds leads to enhanced awareness of the world, improved communication, critical thinking, and thought-processing skills. Students become more empathetic and innovative in their approach to building solutions.

The international faculty also visit UPES to connect with the students and enhance their overall learning experience.