Save Environment, Plant Tree

Keeping this in view, UPES students under the aegis of CSR launched several “Tree Plantation Drive” in the primary schools of surrounding villages where UPES students teach the children the importance of plants and trees in our life especially the importance of medicinal plants viz. Neem, Amla (Gooseberry), Tulsi (Holy Basil), Pudina (Mint), etc. which are usually planted during the drive.

Say No To Plastics

The anti-plastic drive is another UPES initiative. These drives start from the UPES campus. The students and the faculty hand-pick the plastic bags littered around the campus. Next, the students step out of the campus and pick up the plastic bags which are littered on the road from the University Main Gate down to Nanda ki Chowki (About 9 kilometer stretch). These drives are always successful as the student volunteers join hands as a group and carry-forward the drive enthusiastically, joyfully and promote the message of avoiding plastic bags to the village-inhabitants on the way. Paper bags are voluntarily distributed to the shop owners on the way and they are advised to make use of paper bags for their sales instead of the usual plastic bags.

Electricity & Water

Besides infrastructural support towards academics, our endeavor is to equip villages with basic amenities such as supporting infrastructure for potable water systems, water storage tanks, electricity etc.

Road Lighting Project

There are no streetlights in the forest area stretching for 9 kilometers from Nanda ki Chowki to UPES. Road accidents on this stretch are quite frequent. Occasionally wild animals have also been sighted on this road. UPES has partially financed an electrification project initiated by the Gram Pradhan, Bidholi for electrification of this stretch holding 5 villages, namely Bidholi, Paundha, Bishenpur, Kandoli (upper and lower) and Gosai Gaon. UPES has committed Rs. 50, 000/- per month as recurring operational expenses for maintaining this electrification.

Solar Light Project, Motor For Underground Water

Gosai Gaon, located at a distance of about 3 kilometers from UPES on the road to Nanda ki Chowki, has been selected by UPES for installation of a Solar LED to light the temple area. Provision of water supply to about 300 villagers and the near-by area through installation of a submersible pump near the temple is also proposed by UPES.

Rural women learning to make paper bags

What is more fruitful than any of our environmental initiatives is to infuse the understanding of importance of environmental preservation in the minds of the students. We ensure that all the students at UPES are aware of their responsibility as global citizens. CSR initiated a “Green Microenterprise” venture titled “Villagers Green Income Generation Programme”. In this, the villagers are supplied with materials (old newspapers from UPES library and other wastes) and the technique for making paper bags and then provided with the opportunity of selling those bags for income generation program for village women.

Rural women undergoing training & selling Diyas etc. at stalls

Every year, before Diwali, CSR, UPES conducts training programs on “Diya Decoration”, “Making of Soft Toys”, "Making of Paper Bags” etc. for village women. These trainings are also aimed at providing them with means of income generation.The trainings are conducted by UPES faculties and a number of stalls are opened at UPES campus itself by the village women so that UPES family members including the students can purchase the diyas. The profit from this activity goes to these village women. The women get immensely motivated from this income generation programme.

Apart from this, the university operates on a minimum power consumption method. UPES has achieved a reduction of 75% in power consumption through Desktop Virtualization and Server Consolidation. The university produces Bio-diesel within the campus and it is used as fuel for university vehicles. At UPES, all waste material is recycled for reuse as the university believes in preserving the environment and optimum utilization of resources.

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