Criteria to Apply for Internship

Usually, internship programs are for a semester, but can be extended for one year in some exceptional cases. Factors affecting the type of internship include availability of the program instructor and the number of interns or trainees required for the program. Interested students need to submit an internship proposal, which is subject to approval by the supervisor or the instructor of the internship program. 

The student applying for an internship should have a CGPA of 8 or above.

Examples of internship programs done by Exchange students at UPES:

  • Investigation on soot loading capacity of diesel particulate filtration system and its effect on engine performance
  • Determination of surface tension and viscosity of fluid by analyzing the diffraction pattern of surface acoustic waves
  • A decision support system for modelling wildlife corridors
  • Wind resource assessment in urban/complex terrain
  • Flight performance evaluation of hybrid airship through flight test
  • Machine-learning approach for breast cancer identification
  • Classification of bone X-Ray images using CNN
  • Study of memristive devices
  • Smart home automation using ESP8266
  • Aeration strategies for the improvement of water quality in storage (impoundment) type hydropower plants
  • WPAN-based control indoor robots
  • Analysis of brain signals