MA Admission

Admission Open

For 2023 - 24

Admission Open

For 2023 - 24

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  • Unmatched Global Opportunities
  • Media labs equipped with PCR (Production Control Room); Audio Recording Studio; Editing Lab; Photography Lab.


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2570+Overall Students placed in 2021-22*

96.55%Placements in 2021-22*

760+Recruiters on Campus in 2021-22*

*Placement statistics refer to the number of students who have opted for and are eligible for placements



About M.A Courses

Master of Arts is a post-graduate degree that aims at providing in-depth knowledge of the chosen field. The two-year duration course is highly popular and comes with a variety of specialisation to select from. Students who have completed their Bachelor of Arts degree often opt for higher studies and pursue a Master of Arts degree to enhance their understanding of a domain and gain better career prospects.

The degree helps in exploring many different areas of interest and consolidates strong expertise, making you eligible for higher-level job roles. UPES offers the following specialisation in Master of Arts degree:

Core Specialization Minors
MA Journalism and Mass Communication (Digital) Journalism and Mass Communication (Digital) I. Confirmed Minors available to students of School of Modern Media outside of their area of specialisation
- Social Media
- Digital Marketing
- Media Management, Public Policy and Strategic Communications
- Search Engine Optimisation
- Digital Publishing/Website Management
- Digital Content Creation: Videos
- Digital Content Creation: Audio/Podcasts

I. Indicative Minors available to students from other Schools outside of their area of specialisation
- Data Science
- Artificial Intelligence
- Start Your Startup
- Public Health
- Environment Science
- Business Management
- Privacy and Security
- Internet of Things
- School for Life exploratory courses
MA Digital and Mass Media (Broadcasting) Digital and Mass Media (Broadcasting)

Who is the M.A. Course for?

The Master of Arts degree offered by UPES is for candidates who are keen to gain deeper insight and expertise in a particular field and wish to become proficient in that sector. They will be able to imbibe valuable skills that would help them perform to their fullest capability and give them leverage over others in terms of industry knowledge. The course is a gateway to opening doors for multiple career options that one can explore for a long term success and stability. The coursework is also substantial with a lot of theory classes, group projects and also deep research work that allows students to make full use of their mental and learning faculties. Major corporate houses tend to give more preference to those who hold an M.A. Degree for the same reason as such employees can offer superior excellence to their work.


  • Sports International level playing fields
  • Food Options Multi cuisine food options
  • Library 200,000 Publications
  • Advanced Labs With State-of-the-art facilities
  • Medical Facility 24x7 team of doctors
  • Transport Facility Safe and Secure buses
  • Auditorium 3 world-class auditoriums
  • Secured Campus Round-the-clock monitoring by guards and CCTV


Life at UPES


Careers & Placements

  • Digital Director (MA Advertising & Digital Marketing)
  • Content Manager (MA Advertising & Digital Marketing)

Career Opportunities

What are career opportunities available with a MA degree?

Depending upon the specialisation that you opt for with your M.A. degree, you can be in a comfortable position to enjoy various job roles in many different sectors. The expertise gained would ensure that you carry out your functions efficiently while making you equipped for senior roles as well. Master of Arts from UPES added to your resume will make you stand out to the employers and help you get jobs in both private and public sector as associates, executives, consultants and analysts.  

The job profile for Master of Arts degree varies depending upon the specialisation but they all have few features in common such as a prominent role, lucrative pay package and long term stability. Here are some of the diverse roles that you can go for based on your field:  

  • Digital Director (MA Advertising & Digital Marketing)
  • Content Manager (MA Advertising & Digital Marketing)

Reasons to study

Master of Arts in 2023

The M.A. course has different branches and each aims at making you a thorough and knowledgeable professional capable of carrying out high priority job functions. It prepares you for the challenges of the business world by inculcating all the necessary learning and skills that you require. It will also give you a conducive environment to share your ideas and develop transferable skills like communication, analytical, presentation, information management and leadership skills. Hence, M.A. Admission in 2023 can be your gateway for a brighter and more advanced future.  

UPES has enjoyed global popularity and is counted among prestigious private institutes offering valuable education and opportunities to all. Nestled in the scenic green valley of Dehradun, this university not only offers a calm environment but also has world-class infrastructure with state-of-the-art technology to help students make the most of their Master of Arts degree.