Centre for Management Development in association with University of Petroleum & Energy Studies (UPES) as Academic Partner conducts 'Management Development Programs' (MDPs) on topics related to the industry needs.


International Conference on Management of Infrastructure ICMI 2013 – Contemporary Issues and Way Forward

A two-day international conference on 'Management of Infrastructure: Contemporary Issues and Way Forward' on February 15 -16, 2013 at its sprawling 30-acre campus at Dehradun. The Centre plans to hold this conference once every year as one of its annual events. Dr. M. Ramachandran, former Secretary, Ministry of Urban Development, GOI was the Chief

Patron of the Conference. The conference deliberated on four major themes namely 'energy (oil and gas, power, renewables)'; 'transportation (aviation, rail & road, port & shipping)'; 'resources and facilities (urban and rural infrastructure, mining, water, environment and land, telecom, IT), and 'soft infrastructure (education, healthcare, tourism). Mr. Cherian Thomas, CEO, IDFC Foundation was the Chief Guest at the conference. Mr. Rakesh Sharma, Principal Secretary, Government of Uttarakhand was present in the inaugural session of the Conference. The speakers underlined the contribution of a well developed infrastructure in economic growth of a country.

Investment in infrastructure sectors namely energy, transport, telecommunication, IT and social infrastructure remains one of the main mechanisms to increase income, employment, productivity and consequently the competitiveness of an economy, experts pointed out. Speakers deliberated on challenges in this sector critical to a sustained growth and prosperity which primarily revolve around government's inability to provide the requisite investments and dearth of private investor entities.


Building Supply Chains for Strategic Excellence (May 23 - 24, 2013)

“Building Supply Chains for Strategic Excellence” is planned during May 23 - 24, 2013 to equip participants conceive innovative strategies and deploy differentiated solutions that can help their organization serve customers in an optimal fashion and deliver the best possible value.

The program focuses on the strategic importance of supply chain and how organizations can leverage the supply chain to create and capture the most value for its customers. At this two days residential MDP, valuable insights and experiences will be shared by academicians & practitioners on how to underline the managerial concepts and relevant analytical approaches to manage supply chains.

The program will definitely help the participants build an understanding of the issues, system and structure required to integrate various functions in the organization across the supply chain.


Waste to Energy Environment Friendly Technologies E-waste Management

A two-day residential management development program on 'Waste to Energy Environment Friendly Technologies with special emphasis on E-waste Management'. The event was a huge success with highly valuable information shared by eminent experts in the field of e-waste management and 'waste to energy'. The program covered strategic planning and execution techniques for solid waste management and was an eye opener on harmful impacts of current solid waste management practices on the environment specially hazardous e-waste.

Participants were Dr. Ram Hamsagar (EHS Consultant) on his original contributions to EHS management. Dr. T.K. Joshi from Maulana Azad Medical College. Dr. Ankur Kansal, RO-UEPPCB emphasized on the need for law enforcement and participation of every citizen for effective implementation of the regulations. Dr. Laxmi Raghupathy, Former Director of MoEF & Consultant in GIZ spoke on E-Waste management scenario in India and the world.

Various working models for E-Waste collection and channelization along with EPR were discussed in detail. Among other speaker were Dr. S. P. Goel,  Dr. Nitin Endley from CPPRI, Dr. Aggarwal from CBRI, Roorkee, Mr. Pranamesh Das, Director- Technology of ATTERO who deliberated on different aspects of  Energy environment & E-waste environment.


Project Risk & Contract Management

Project Management Institute (PMI) as Knowledge Partner organized a two-day management development program on 'Project Risk & Contract Management' at Centre for Management Development in the campus. The program elicited a good response from various industry sectors. Seasoned speakers from energy and infrastructure sector and eminent project management professionals enlightened the participants with their experiences and insights on challenges in project risk and contract management and the way forward. The program highlighted the fact that ambitious growth target of Indian economy requires adequate support from energy and infrastructure sectors.

The strength of the energy and infrastructure sectors depends on how effectively and efficiently projects are executed. The successful execution of energy and infrastructure sector projects not only depends on substantial funding but also professional capabilities of the highest order in various aspects of effective planning and implementation of projects to minimize exposure to risk.


Effective Management in Oil & Gas industry

A five-day Management Development Program on 'Effective Management in Oil & Gas industry' was organized also. The objective of the program was to equip the leaders of the future with a deep understanding of the management processes and the tools and techniques that aid in decision making. Participants comprised mid-career government and non-government officials from seven organizations namely IOCL, HPCL, BPCL, OIL, GGCL, IGL and GAIL.


Driving Solar Power Growth

The two day program on Driving Solar Power Growth covered key areas of solar energy like Policy Dynamics for Solar Power, Technology aspects of Solar Power, Solar Project Development and Project Risk, Solar Power Financing, Grid Integration, Economics and related activities. During the program, the participants visited 100 kW Solar Power Plant of campus and research facilities of Bio fuels, Hydrogen fuel as well as the Rig Zone for better understanding  on wide range of energy sources.

The dignitary who attended the program were Mr. Sushanta Chatterjee, Dy Director, Central Electricity Regulatory Commission, Dr. B.D. Sharma, Vice President JBM Group, Mr. S.C. Saxena, Chief Manager, National Load Dispatch Center,  Mr. Rahul Rekhi, Associate Director, Risk Consulting Services, Dr. Pankaj Kumar Sharma, Assistant Professor (SG), UPES, Mr.  R. K. Vimal, Assistant General Manager, IREDA Limited,


Upcoming MDPs

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