Minor for School Of Business

Minors for School Of Business

Artificial Intelligence

The minor specialization acquaints the students on subjects like Data Mining, Data Visualization, Data Management et al.

Data Mining deals with the inter-combination of statistics and computer science with an aim to extract patterns of information from given raw data (unprocessed data) and transform the data to provide meaningful information for business use. On completion of this program, students will be able to use the different data mining techniques such as association and clustering and use the different data mining applications such as market basket analysis and customer relationship management (CRM).

For Data Visualization, one can use data maps, heat maps, graphs, charts, for the graphical representation of data. Using such tools for data visualization, one can detect missing data or outliers and discover the hidden patterns in the data. In the current era of Big Data, data visualization is the most crucial tool to derive the meaningful insights from the big data.

Data Management refers to the process of acquiring, validating, storing, protecting, and processing the required data. It ensures that the data reliability and timeliness of its availability to users is well-sustained. The security of the data in large organizations is a must and is an important part of data management, protecting the concerned entities from data losses and data thefts.

Digital Marketing

This specialization acquaints the students on subjects like Sales and Marketing in Digital Age, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization et al. Whether it is Consumer Buying Behaviour or Integrated Marketing Communication, the relevance of digital media in formulating strategies is covered under the course.

Social Media Marketing is a powerful way for businesses of all sizes to reach prospects and customers. There is social listening and engagement that brands are initiating through social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Search Engine Optimization supports the business’ website to improve its organic traffic and attract more customers. Brands are understanding the importance of content and its role in driving organic traffic. The student is one step closer to being a complete digital marketer with expertise in search engine optimization.

Digital Transformation

This course acquaints the students on subjects like Sales and Marketing Analytics, Digital Business Models, Digital Sale and Channel Management et al.

Marketing Analytics explores how internet giants build their entire business around leveraging analytics to make sense out of big data. Marketing analytics deals with the analysis of huge and heterogeneous data for improved marketing performance.

Digital Business Models is based on services that are new to the market. Companies that are confronted by digital disruption seek to understand and develop digital models for their business growth. The students learn various models of digital business such as Freemium model, Marketplace model, etc.

Digital Sale and Channel Management equips the students with the necessary skills to be successful in sales and channel management in the digital era. Companies are adapting their business models to the changing digital landscape with an Omni channel strategy. Channel transformation requires vendors and partners to have an integrated digital footprint in the areas of mapping and tracking the customer journey, creating a self-service digital store, automating sales operations, etc.

Start Your Start-up

The course acquaints the students on subjects like Planning, Entrepreneurial Marketing, Social Enterpreurship et al.

Planning: Business is not only filled with opportunities but also comes with challenges that demand planning in ensuring smooth functioning. The course ventures to exhibits the process in the lucid and placid ways.

Entrepreneurial Marketing: Marketing has gained importance in the information era; any venture devoid of ;proper and adequate marketing deems to get out of sight of customer and stakeholders. The course covers exhaustively the ways and means to market enterprise and start-ups

Social Entrepreneurship: Social entrepreneurship is an approach by individuals, groups, start-up companies or entrepreneurs, in which they develop, fund, and implement solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues. This concept may be applied to a wide range of organizations, which vary in size, aims, and beliefs. The course encompasses the methodology involve in social enterprises.

Business Analytics

The program acquaints the students on subjects like Big Data Analytics, Social and Web Analytics, Programming for Analytics et al.

Big Data Analytics: With the advent of massive digitization and integration of business processes, huge amount of data is being generated across various applications. Managing and processing data is increasingly becoming difficult with the conventional techniques and tools. Big data analytics is a domain that deals with the analysis of huge and heterogeneous data. The course focuses on Big Data analysis, existing frameworks, techniques, and its real-world applications.

Social and Web Analytics: If you are a professional working for a marketing agency or an organization and planning on digital marketing implementation, this course will help you in delivering the apt results for your organization. Social media analytics refers to the accumulation data from social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter and analysing the data metrics to build insights for business decisions.

Programming for Analytics introduces the essential general programming concepts and techniques to students without prior programming knowledge. On completion of this program, students will be able to identify the dataset characteristics and select and implement the machine learning techniques suitable for the required organizational applications. They will be able to solve problems having high data dimensions and rapid data generation rate along with scalability issues.

Financial Analysis And Services

This program acquaints the students on subjects on Financial Analysis and Services such as the Fixed Income Securities, Marketing of Financial Services, and Valuation of Firms.

Fixed Income Securities focuses on the valuation of fixed income securities and risk management practices among firms. The fixed income securities market is emerging in India and it has vast volume in terms of the number of transactions in the international market. Students get an opportunity to learn the best practices in the field and understand the dynamic role of interest rates.

Marketing of Financial Services deals with the practices adopted in the marketing of financial services. Financial services can be classified as fund-based and fee-based services. With changes in the global markets and the role of digital financial transactions, this course provides an opportunity for learners to focus on the details of the marketing aspects of financial services.

Valuation of Firms focuses on the firm value and equips students with the necessary tools to value the firms. Valuation of firms is both art and science; students learn the best practices followed in the industry using DCF, Multiples, Comparable, and Valuation using Options-theory methods. The case study pedagogy followed leads to the application of the theoretical concepts, and it enriches the experience of the students.


Family Business And Entrepreneurship

The program acquaints the students on subjects like Entrepreneurial Growth and Strategy, Business Tax Planning, Entrepreneurial Leadership, Working Capital Management, Management of Technology and Innovation, et al.

Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice provides requisite information and base required to understand the basics of entrepreneurship and also acquaints with the pulse of dexterity.

Entrepreneurial Growth and Strategy gives an insight into the trajectory of Entrepreneurial Growth and the strategic formulation required accordingly.

Every business requires finance, but a new enterprise has special financial requirements. Entrepreneurial Finance gives an in-depth knowledge about financial planning and the prowess required to start a venture.

International Business

This program equips students with the intricacies of a global business environment. Students become skilled in implementing practical, effective as well as empathetic solutions to deal with the complex challenges in global business settings.

Students develop an understanding of different cultures, become well-versed in the options businesses and organizations can use for importing or exporting, and gain excellent communication skills and confidence in the process.


Operations/project Management

This minor acquaints the students with decision making abilities required at the operational/project management level. It prepares the students to understand how an organization achieves high levels of efficiency in converting material and labour into goods and services and create linkages on their distribution. Students learn how operational/project business practices and skills may be applied to an organisation or even in their own entrepreneurial effort.

School For Life - Exploratory Courses

Soft skills and entrepreneurship skills are developed through School for Life courses. The students get a feel of real-life business situations through case study teaching, club activities and guest lectures from industry leaders.