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Minors for School Of Modern Media

The UPES School of Modern Media offers the following minors, which can be taken up by students besides their core specializations 

Social Media

Social media skills have become fundamental in our day-to-day life and are the defining focus of the current media landscape. Whether you envisage building your own brand on social media or work for a media organization for content marketing or strategic analysis, our specialization in Social media will prepare you for effective use of online channels and social media platforms.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. Using these online media channels, digital marketing is the method by which Brands endorse goods and services. The minor looks at omni-channel marketing across the digital domain.

Media Management, Public Policy and Strategic Communications

This minor equips students with a strategic 360 degree corporate communication toolset for effective marketing communication. Students interested in managing brand products, working in the marketing space globally, using development communication in the social sector or entering strategic communications professionally or particularly suited for this minor.

Search Engine Optimisation

This minor equips students with Google Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tools for increasing distribution and discoverability of online content which is a key skill set to all online publishing.

Digital Publishing/Website Management

This is designed for media professionals/entrepreneurs interested in learning the tools required to effectively publish or manage a website or digital content online. Students interested in starting & managing their own website/Youtube platforms/Blogs/Digital platforms for media houses for companies or for their own influencer networks are a good fit for the course.

Digital Content Creation: Videos

The minor is designed to teach you the skills to make impactful video content for media houses, marketing campaigns and social media channels. Students will learn how to shoot, edit and produce video content with Mobile Phones. They will learn hands - on working on live projects in workshop mode to create digital multimedia content.

Digital Content Creation: Audia/Podcasts

Digital Audio is growing significantly in India as the next big digital platform. To cater to the growing demand in new radio formats, this specialization is designed to equip students to be Digital Content Creators with highly advanced skills for Radio & Audio Production.

Data Science

With this specialization, students will learn how to effectively collect, organize, and categorize rich data sources into meaningful and engaging multimedia content. Students will learn how to make sense of data, basics of data acquisition, data visualization and creating stories with data.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has been finding applications across a series of sectors, including mechanical, electrical, petroleum renewable energy and utilities. AI is among the fastest-growing tech sectors. It combines a wide variety of advanced technologies to give machines the ability to learn, adapt, make decisions and display behaviours not explicitly programmed into their original capabilities.

Internet Of Things

Internet of Things employs a system of inter-connected mechanical and digital machines with an ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. IoT requires a background in Physics such as Ohm’s law, electrical components (LEDs, transistors, relay, diode, capacitor, etc.), computer programming, etc. IoT can be used in monitoring and controlling various processes. For instance, it can be used in monitoring nuclear reactors, solar power plants and remote cleaning of solar panels, etc.​

Start Your Startup

The course acquaints the students on subjects like Planning, Entrepreneurial Marketing, Social Enterpreurship et al.

Planning: Business is not only filled with opportunities but also comes with challenges that demand planning in ensuring smooth functioning. The course ventures to exhibits the process in the lucid and placid ways.

Entrepreneurial Marketing: Marketing has gained importance in the information era; any venture devoid of ;proper and adequate marketing deems to get out of sight of customer and stakeholders. The course covers exhaustively the ways and means to market enterprise and start-ups

Social Entrepreneurship: Social entrepreneurship is an approach by individuals, groups, start-up companies or entrepreneurs, in which they develop, fund, and implement solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues. This concept may be applied to a wide range of organizations, which vary in size, aims, and beliefs. The course encompasses the methodology involve in social enterprises.

School For Life Exploratory Courses

Soft skills and entrepreneurship skills are developed through School for Life courses. The students get a feel of real-life business situations through case study teaching, club activities and guest lectures from industry leaders.