M.Tech Structural Engineering

Why M. Tech Structural Engineering?

Structural engineers are specialists in design, construction, repair, rehabilitation and conservation. They are concerned with all aspects of a structure and its stability. But M. Tech Structural Engineering with UPES offers additional specially designed subjects to achieve specialization in Bridge Structure/ Hydraulic Structure/ Offshore Structure as per interest of students.

Objective: To develop Structural Engineers having strong expertise in onshore infrastructure and a sound background for specialized areas like Offshore Structure/ Management (General)/ Bridge Structure/ Hydraulic Structure.

Scope: Students who will complete this course will have career in the areas of Structural design and construction, offshore design and construction, oil and gas sector, bridge design, construction management, hydraulic structure design. Structure Engineers designs all kinds of structures from houses, theatres, sports stadia and hospitals to bridges, oil rigs and offshore structures. 

What differentiates this course with conventional M.Tech Structural course?

In the first year of study, students learn and get a complete knowledge on Structural engineering and additionally they can specialize in one of the areas among Bridge Structure/ Hydraulic Structure/ Offshore Structure as per interest of students.

In second year, Students will be sent for internship to private and government construction companies, design consultant companies and in offshore companies to work and enrich their knowledge.

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Duration 2 Years Career Prospects
  • Structural Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Bridge Engineer
  • Offshore Design Engineer
  • Offshore Construction Engineer
  • Structural Consultant
  • Forensic Engineer
  • Construction Engineer
  • Engineer in Public Sector,Govt. Sector and Private Sector

Semester I

  • Theory of Elasticity and Plasticity
  • Matrix Methods of Structural Analysis
  • Structural Dynamics
  • Industrial Structures
  • Advanced Concrete Structures
  • Elective I


  • Advance Concrete Lab
  • Computer Aided Structural Design Lab-1
  • Design & Construction of Offshore Structures
  • Construction Management Practices
  • Stability of Structures

Semester II

  • Finite Element Method
  • Theory of Plates and Shells
  • Seismic Design of Structures
  • Foundations of Structures
  • Elective II
  • Elective III


  • Computer Aided Structural Design LAb-2
Electives II
  • Advanced MArine Structures
  • Prestressed Concrete
  • Design of Hydraulics Structures
Elective III
  • Design of floating Structures
  • Bridge Engineering
  • Design of Water Retaining & Strorage Structures

Semester III

  • Project I
  • Seminar I

Semester IV

  • Project II
  • Seminar II


Fee structure 2018- 20 is as follows:
1st Sem
Tuition Fee Academic Service Fee Total
100590 33535 134125
2nd Sem
Tuition Fee Academic Service Fee Total
100590 33535 134125
3rd Sem
Tuition Fee Academic Service Fee Total
110630   36870 147500
4th Sem
Tuition Fee Academic Service Fee Total
110630   36870 147500

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  • P.R. Roshan

    Course : M.Tech Chemical Engineering

    Experience :We are P.R. Roshan’s (M.Tech Chemical Engineering) parents and would like to take this opportunity to express our thoughts.
    As the session almost draws to a close we would like to thank the management, teachers, administrative staff and our special thanks to the cook for second trusted home.
    My son had a wonderful time and enjoyed the stay and experience at UPES. Short…..but definitely memorable and close to his heart. He has found some good friends. Needless to say he has grown in many ways and it will surely make a good foundation for his future.
    We are aware that it takes a lot of hard work in the background by the team of UPES to make this happen and most often all the efforts remain in shadow. But the results are the reflection of what has gone into the student.
    Hence, we would like to thank and share our deep appreciation and gratitude to the entire team of UPES for Nurturing, facilitating and encouraging growth in the most positive and supportive manner.
    Thanks & Regards
    Janani & Rajakrishnakanth, Chennai

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