Placement Selection Improvement Program

Placement Selection Improvement Program

Placement Selection Improvement program (PSI) is hosted by UPES to assess the attributes, skills and competencies that help individuals to both secure and perform well in employment.

Each student is interviewed by a panel comprising of a Domain Expert (industry fellows from senior and middle management level), HR and Soft Skill Experts and Subject Matter Experts. Domain Experts tests the students for their industrial awareness, job expectations and ability to apply theoretical knowledge in the real work scenario. Subject matter experts help to uncover the gap in current level of technical competencies from expected ones. Whereas HR and Soft Skill expert; assessed students on grooming, behavioral and communication aspects.

Individual feedback (both qualitative and quantitative) is provided to students. Perceptions vary by employment sector and employer size. Knowledge of these perceptions and attitude and values may be contextual but help the students to prepare better for the industry. Therefore, a comprehensive assessment report is given to each student along with the certificate.


The inputs and feedback provides insight to students that better industry awareness and strong technical skills are required along with in depth subject knowledge.HR Experts brought home the importance of grooming, right content with right format of resume and enthusiastic approach required to answer the interview questions.

Objective of PSI is to enhance employability activities more effectively at faculty and departmental level. Students are given a platform to act, reflect and consult on the feedback through PSI, to have a greater success in the upcoming placement season.


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