Project Samwedana

CSR, UPES, has undertaken Project ‘Samvedna’ as an initiative to open the day school to provide education to the children belonging to the workforce engaged in the construction work in the university campus. The objective of this project is to identify and create educational opportunities for kids who do not get a chance to attend schools. Besides free education, the day school also provides books and stationery items to the children. They are also provided with hygienically-cooked mid-day meals specially catered for the students from our regular university cafeteria.

Project Sankalp provides free education which further discourages child labor and other unethical activities like drug addiction, sexual harassment etc. Due to lack of guidance and education, the disadvantaged children get into evil habits of drugs, crime, gambling and other anti-social practices. This project also aims to provide child care for the infants of the women workers. The purpose is to provide nutritious food protection and nursing to the young ones assuring the mothers that their responsibilities are being taken care of.

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