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B.Sc. Mathematics - Computational Mathematics

Program details

The B.Sc. Mathematics in Computational Mathematics program offered by UPES School of Advanced Engineering is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the intersection between mathematics and computational techniques. This specialized program equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle complex challenges in diverse domains such as science, engineering, finance, and economics through the application of mathematical and computational methodologies.

Throughout the program, students will engage with both theoretical and practical aspects of computational mathematics. They will develop a strong foundation in traditional mathematical disciplines including calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, and numerical methods. Additionally, the curriculum will immerse students in the world of mathematical software and programming languages, enabling them to create mathematical models, analyze data, and derive meaningful insights.

A distinctive feature of this program is its emphasis on research. Students will have the opportunity to delve into advanced topics in computational mathematics, conduct independent research projects, and collaborate with faculty members on cutting-edge research initiatives. This hands-on research experience will not only foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills but also enable students to apply their mathematical prowess to real-world scenarios. Graduates of this program will emerge with a strong foundation in mathematics, proficient programming abilities, and the capacity to innovate and address intricate challenges using computational techniques.

Program Highlights

  • The B.Sc. Mathematics in Computational Mathematics program focuses on cultivating practical problem-solving skills through computation-based methods, preparing students to tackle real-world challenges effectively.
  • We offer a strong foundation in scientific methodology and essential computational skills, aligning with industry demands and enhancing students' employability in various sectors.
  • Students receive comprehensive placement assistance, ensuring a seamless transition from academia to the professional world and maximizing their career opportunities.
  • Our program supports students in preparing for competitive exams such as JAM, empowering them to pursue advanced studies and research in mathematics and related fields.
  • Students engage in research projects that bridge mathematics and computation, fostering innovation and critical thinking for solving complex mathematical problems.
  • The curriculum integrates industry-relevant content, exposing students to practical applications of computational mathematics and enhancing their adaptability to evolving technological landscapes.

The B.Sc. Mathematics in Computational Mathematics program at UPES School of Advanced Engineering offers a promising future scope. Graduates are well-equipped to embark on careers in academia or research institutions. The program's focus on computational mathematics aligns with the financial industry's need for intricate calculations and risk evaluation. Graduates can delve into algorithm development, code optimization, and the creation of mathematical software tools. This program opens doors to diverse opportunities where mathematical expertise intersects with technology, making graduates valuable assets in multiple sectors, from academia to finance and beyond.

Career Opportunities

Completing the B.Sc. Mathematics in Computational Mathematics program at UPES School of Advanced Engineering opens doors to a diverse array of lucrative career paths. Graduates can step into roles such as Data Scientist, employing their analytical skills to draw insights from complex data; Quantitative Analysts, applying mathematical models in finance and risk analysis; Actuaries, specializing in assessing financial uncertainty and risk; Operations Research Analysts, optimizing solutions across industries; Research Associates, contributing to academic and industrial research projects; Consultants, offering expert mathematical advice to businesses; Cryptographers, safeguarding information through encryption; and Software Developers, creating innovative solutions with strong computational foundations. This program equips graduates with a versatile skill set, enabling them to thrive in dynamic fields that require both mathematical prowess and technological expertise.


The placements for the B.Sc. Mathematics in Computational Mathematics program at UPES School of Advanced Engineering exemplify the program's strong emphasis on producing industry-ready graduates. With a comprehensive curriculum blending mathematical theory, computational techniques, and research acumen, students are equipped with the skills demanded by the modern job market. This translates into exceptional placement outcomes, where graduates secure rewarding positions in diverse sectors such as technology, finance, data science, research, and academia. The program's collaborative partnerships with leading industries and its focus on practical application ensure that graduates not only possess a solid theoretical foundation but also the ability to tackle real-world challenges, making them highly sought-after professionals in their chosen fields.

Fee Structure

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Semester 1

 Linear Algebra I​3104
 Differential Calculus​3024
Environment Sustainability & 
Climate Change
Critical Thinking2002
Computational Techniques​2002
Minor - I​4004

Semester 2

Real Analysis I​3104
Linear Algebra II​3104
Analytical Geometry​3104
Environment Sustainability & 
Climate Change
Living Conversations2002
Constitution and Indian 
Minor – II​4004

Semester 3

Real Analysis I​I3104
Integral Calculus​3024
Ordinary Differential Equations​3024
Skill Enhancement Electives I​2002
Design Thinking​2002
Social Internship​0000
Minor – II​I4004

Semester 4

Mechanics    ​3104
Complex Analysis​3104
Partial Differential 
Skill Enhancement 
Electives I​
Working with Data​2002
Minor - IV​4004

Semester 5

Abstract Algebra​3104
Probability and Statistics​3104
Leadership & Teamwork​2002
Technonologies of 
Future/Meta 101
Minor -V ​4004
Summer Training/Internship​
Scientific Communication​1005

Semester 6

Numerical Analysis​3024
Minor -VI ​4004
Linear Programming 3104
Mathematical Modelling ​3024
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Semester 7

Advanced Numerical Techniques​2023
Discrete Mathematics​3003
Elective I3104
Elective II3104
Minor VII3104
Research Methodology & 

Semester 8

Minor VIII3104
Elective III3104
Integral equations & 
Calculus of Variations


As per NEP, multiple exit options are also available. After securing the requisite 
40, 80, 120, 160 credits, Student on exit shall be awarded Certificate, Diploma, 3
Year UG Degree, 4 Year UG (H)/4 Year UG (H) with Research.


Interested students must meet the following minimum eligibility criteria for B.Sc. Mathematics in Computational Mathematics: Minimum 50% marks in Class X and XII (PCM/B).

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria for individuals aspiring to enroll in the B.Sc. Mathematics in Computational Mathematics program at UPES School of Advanced Engineering rely on Personal Interview.

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