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The M.Sc. in Chemistry (Organic Chemistry) program offered by UPES School of Advanced Engineering is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of advanced concepts in Organic Chemistry. Through this program, students will delve into the intricacies of bio-organic molecules, heterocycles, and natural products, gaining a deep insight into their chemical properties and reactions. This specialization equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel as proficient organic chemists.

The curriculum of the program encompasses a wide range of topics, including the synthesis and analysis of complex organic compounds, mechanisms of organic reactions, spectroscopic techniques for structural determination, and the study of organic materials' properties. The program encourages hands-on experience through laboratory work, enabling students to develop practical skills in experimental design, data analysis, and scientific reasoning. Moreover, students will engage in research projects, fostering critical thinking and innovation in the field of Organic Chemistry.

Graduates of this program will be well-prepared to pursue diverse career pathways. They will be qualified for roles in academia, where they can contribute to the education and training of future chemists, as well as in research institutions and government agencies, where their expertise can be applied to solve complex scientific challenges. Additionally, the program equips graduates for roles in the industrial sector, where they can be involved in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, materials science, and more. Overall, the M.Sc. in Chemistry (Organic Chemistry) program at UPES School of Advanced Engineering opens doors to a world of opportunities, enabling individuals to make significant contributions to the advancement of various scientific and technological domains.

Program Highlights

  • The M.Sc. in Chemistry (Organic Chemistry) program has a rigorous and competitive curriculum designed to provide in-depth knowledge and skills in Organic Chemistry, covering advanced concepts and applications.
  • Learn from world-class faculty members renowned for their research contributions in the field of Organic Chemistry, ensuring a research-oriented and intellectually stimulating learning environment.
  • Engage in a research-focused dissertation, allowing students to delve into specialized areas of Organic Chemistry, fostering critical thinking and hands-on research experience.
  • Benefit from dedicated placement assistance, connecting students with industry partners and opportunities for practical application of their Organic Chemistry expertise.
  • Access modern laboratories and facilities that provide hands-on experience with cutting-edge instrumentation and techniques, enhancing practical skills and research capabilities.
  • Receive guidance and support for preparing for the CSIR-NET exam, empowering students to pursue further research or teaching careers in the field of Organic Chemistry.

The M.Sc. in Chemistry (Organic Chemistry) program offered by UPES School of Advanced Engineering offers a promising future scope. It focuses on spearheading the advancement of eco-friendly and sustainable chemical processes, as well as the creation of innovative materials like polymers, nanomaterials, and organic electronics with specialized attributes. The program also delves into the development of essential agrochemicals like pesticides and herbicides. This comprehensive curriculum equips graduates to contribute significantly to diverse industries, shaping a greener, technologically advanced, and more sustainable future.

Career Opportunities

Completing the M.Sc. in Chemistry (Organic Chemistry) program at UPES School of Advanced Engineering opens up a diverse array of exciting career opportunities in the field. Graduates can delve into roles as Research Scientists, where they contribute to cutting-edge discoveries and innovations. Alternatively, they can become Scientific Officers, ensuring the accurate implementation of scientific methodologies and principles. Consulting Chemists offer expertise to various industries, while Research Analysts evaluate data and trends for informed decision-making. Quality Managers guarantee the integrity of processes and products, while becoming Scientists grants the chance to advance knowledge. As Science Teachers, graduates can inspire the next generation, or they might choose the path of Academic Research Editors, shaping scientific discourse. Lastly, thriving as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) allows professionals to provide invaluable insights across industries. With a multitude of options, this program fosters well-rounded individuals prepared to excel in the dynamic realm of Organic Chemistry.


The M.Sc. in Chemistry (Organic Chemistry) program offered by UPES School of Advanced Engineering stands out for its remarkable placements, consistently fostering a pathway to success for its graduates. With a keen focus on providing students with a comprehensive understanding of organic chemistry principles and practical applications, the program equips them with the necessary skills to excel in various industries. The university's strong industry connections and collaborations play a pivotal role in ensuring that students are exposed to real-world challenges and opportunities. As a result, graduates of the program have consistently secured promising positions in renowned companies, research institutions, and academia. The dedicated career services and guidance provided by the university further empower students to make informed choices and navigate the competitive job market with confidence. Whether aspiring to pursue research, industry roles, or further academic endeavors, the placements of UPES School of Advanced Engineering's M.Sc. in Chemistry (Organic Chemistry) program substantiate its commitment to producing skilled professionals who are ready to contribute effectively in the field.

Fee Structure

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Semester 1

Organic Reaction Mechanism ​4004
Coordination Chemistry & Group Theory​4004
Quantum Chemistry​3003
Organometallic & Bio-inorganic molecules​3003
Inorganic Chemistry Lab-I​0042
Physical Chemistry Lab-I​0042
Physical Chemistry Lab-I​0021

Semester 2

Polymer Chemistry​3003
Electrochemical Thermodynamics​4004
Chemistry of Advanced Organic Compounds​4004
Medicinal Chemistry​3003
Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry​3024
Organic Chemistry Lab-II​0021
Physical Chemistry Lab-II​0021
Seminar/Term paper​0000

Semester 3

Pericyclic & Photochemistry​3003
Molecular Spectroscopy & Diffraction Methods​3003
Specialization course-I​3003
Specialization course-II​3003
Specialization course Lab​0063
Introduction to computational Chemistry​3003
Research Methodology & Ethics​2002

Semester 4

Green Chemistry and Sustainability​4004
Specialization course-III​3003
 Agrochemicals & Pest Management3003

Specialization Courses 

Organic synthesis & spectroscopy​3003
Chemistry of Natural Products ​3003
Chemistry of Life processes​3003
Advanced Organic Chemistry Lab​3003


Interested students must meet the following minimum eligibility criteria for admission to the M.Sc. in Chemistry (Organic Chemistry) program:50% in 10th and 12th (PCM/B) and 50% in graduation in relevant subject.

Selection Criteria

Selection for admission to the M.Sc. in Chemistry (Organic Chemistry) program at UPES School of Advanced Engineering depends on the performance of the interested students in the Personal Interview.

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