M. Tech. Chemical Engineering

M. Tech. Chemical Engineering

Program Details

The M. Tech. Chemical Engineering program offered by UPES School of Advanced Engineering is tailored to equip students with practical skills and knowledge essential for a successful career in the chemical industry. The curriculum emphasizes chemical process development and design, ensuring that students gain a deep understanding of the field. An integral component of the program is a one-year industrial project, allowing students to immerse themselves in real-world scenarios and garner invaluable industrial experience. This project provides students with an opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge to practical situations, preparing them to tackle industry challenges effectively.

Throughout the program, students receive comprehensive training in process design, automation, and optimization. These skills are vital in the modern chemical industry, where efficiency and productivity are highly valued. Additionally, the students gain hands-on experience with process simulators, which enhances their technical acumen and makes them industry-ready upon graduation. The collaboration with Grasim Industries - Aditya Birla Ltd. through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) further strengthens the program's industry relevance. This partnership opens avenues for students to undertake their M. Tech. industrial projects or internships with a prominent player in the chemical sector, exposing them to cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices.

In conclusion, M. Tech. Chemical Engineering program stands out as an industry-oriented and practical approach to education. By combining a strong theoretical foundation with hands-on experiences, students are well-prepared to embark on promising careers in chemical engineering, making a significant impact in the industry right from the outset. The collaboration with Grasim Industries ensures that students receive exposure to real-world challenges and opportunities to work on impactful projects, fostering their growth as skilled professionals in the chemical domain.

Program Highlights

  • M. Tech. Chemical Engineering at UPES School of Advanced Engineering offers a curriculum centered on chemical process development and design, ensuring students gain practical knowledge and skills highly relevant to the industry.
  • The M. Tech. Chemical Engineering program includes one year of mandatory industrial projects, providing students with hands-on experience and exposure to real-world challenges in the field of chemical engineering.
  • An MoU for Industrial Projects/Internship with Grasim Industries, Aditya Birla Ltd., enhances students' opportunities to work with a leading industrial partner, gaining valuable insights into the sector.
  • Students benefit from guidance by renowned faculty members from esteemed institutions worldwide, including University of Missouri, Salford University, IITs, IISCs, NTU (Singapore), and Stanford researchers.
  • The program takes advantage of state-of-the-art interdisciplinary infrastructure at the Centre of Excellence for Energy Systems, ensuring access to advanced research and learning resources.
  • The M. Tech. Chemical Engineering program emphasizes a well-rounded education, combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience and exposure to current industry practices, preparing graduates to excel in their chemical engineering careers.

The future scope of M. Tech. Chemical Engineering is promising and diverse, driven by industry trends and a focus on sustainability. The program's emphasis on environmentally friendly processes aligns with the growing demand for sustainable solutions. Advancements in materials science, such as nanomaterials and biomaterials, open doors to innovation in various industries. Collaboration between chemical engineering and biotechnology can lead to advancements in biopharmaceuticals and biofuels. Computational modeling and simulation are vital for process optimization, while automation and control systems play a crucial role in enhancing safety and efficiency. The integration of artificial intelligence into advanced control techniques is a rising trend. Graduates can expect a wide array of opportunities in sustainability, nanotechnology, biotechnology, catalysis, process optimization, and artificial intelligence by staying updated with industry developments and fostering innovation.

Career Opportunities

Completing the M. Tech. Chemical Engineering program from UPES School of Advanced Engineering opens up a myriad of promising career opportunities for graduates. With a strong foundation in advanced chemical engineering principles and practical skills acquired during the program, graduates can pursue diverse roles in the oil and gas industry, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, environmental engineering, and more. They can aspire to become process engineers, research and development specialists, project managers, or technical consultants in esteemed organizations worldwide. The program's industry-oriented curriculum and exposure to cutting-edge technologies prepare graduates to tackle real-world challenges and contribute significantly to innovation and sustainability in the chemical engineering domain.


Completing the M. Tech. Chemical Engineering program at UPES School of Advanced Engineering opens doors to a plethora of promising opportunities in the dynamic industrial landscape. With a robust curriculum and emphasis on practical skills, graduates are well-equipped to secure lucrative placements in leading companies across various sectors, such as oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, renewable energy, and environmental engineering. UPES's strong industry connections facilitate campus recruitment drives, allowing students to interact with esteemed recruiters and showcase their talent. The career services and dedicated placement cell further assist students in honing their interview skills and CV preparation, ensuring a seamless transition from academia to fulfilling careers in the field of Chemical Engineering.

Fee Structure

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Semester 1

Numerical Methods3003
Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer 
Equipment Design
Principles of Chemical Process Safety3003
Advanced Transport Phenomena3003
Heterogeneous Catalysis and 
Reactor Design
Program Elective – I3003
Program Elective – II3003
Chemical Engineering Simulation 
TOTAL   22

Semester 2

Mass Transfer Equipment Design 
and Separation Processes
System Analysis and Process 
Advanced Thermodynamics3003
Process Modeling and Simulation 3003
Advanced Process Control3003
Program Elective – III3003
Industrial Visit0021
TOTAL   20

Semester 3

Dissertation - I004020
TOTAL   20

Semester 4

Dissertation - II004020
TOTAL   20

Program Electives

Process Design and Flow Sheeting3003
Introduction to Process Intensification3003
Plant Utility Equipment and Systems3003
Green Engineering3003
Scale up Methods3003
Multiphase Flow3003
Chemical Industry 4.03003
Operator Training system3003
Process Data Analytics3003
Advanced Industrial Instrumentation3003
Industrial Visit3003

Eligibility Criteria

Interested students must meet the minimum eligibility criteria for M. Tech. Chemical Engineering as listed below:

  • Minimum 60% marks at Higher and Senior Secondary level (10th and 12th).
  • B.Tech/BE in Chemical Engineering/ Chemical Technology/ Petro Chemical Engineering/ Petroleum Engineering, with minimum 60% Marks or equivalent. Gate / NET Qualified will be preferred.

Selection Criteria

UPES selects students interested in pursuing M. Tech. Chemical Engineering based on their performance in Personal Interview.

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