M.Tech. Health, Safety and Environment

M.Tech. Health, Safety and Environment

Program Details

The M. Tech. Health, Safety & Environment program offered by UPES School of Advanced Engineering is designed to equip engineering graduates with the necessary scientific knowledge and practical skills to take on managerial roles in the field of safety, health, and environment. The program aims to develop expertise in students to lead and guide industries in adhering to high standards of safety and health while addressing workplace-related challenges effectively.

The curriculum of the course is comprehensive, covering a wide range of topics, including fire engineering, chemical engineering, process safety engineering, environmental engineering, first aid and emergency services, electrical safety, and behavioral-based safety, among others. This approach ensures that students gain a deep understanding of the science, engineering, and management aspects relevant to handling unforeseen workplace catastrophes and implementing effective HSE management systems.

One of the strengths of the program lies in its innovative and high-quality learning opportunities, making it highly sought after worldwide. Graduates from the program have gained widespread acceptance, and many of them are successfully employed in various industries across the globe. The industry's demand for competent HSE professionals is consistently high, extending beyond sectors such as construction, manufacturing, and services. This program provides an excellent foundation for individuals seeking to pursue rewarding careers in health, safety, and environment engineering and management.

Program Highlights

  • The M. Tech. Health, Safety & Environment program at UPES School of Advanced Engineering offers a rigorous and up-to-date curriculum that covers a wide range of topics, including risk assessment, safety management, environmental regulations, and occupational health.
  • The M. Tech. Health, Safety & Environment program emphasizes practical learning through industry visits, case studies, and internships, enabling students to gain real-world exposure and apply their knowledge in various health, safety, and environmental contexts.
  • Students benefit from a team of experienced faculty members who are experts in their respective fields, bringing valuable insights and industry best practices into the classroom.
  • UPES provides access to modern laboratories and facilities, allowing students to conduct research and experiments to address current challenges in health, safety, and environment.
  • The program offers strong industry connections, ensuring students have access to internship opportunities and placement support, enhancing their career prospects in the field.
  • With a focus on sustainable practices, the program equips students with the knowledge and skills to promote eco-friendly initiatives and create a positive impact on the environment and society.

The future scope of the M. Tech. Health, Safety & Environment program at UPES School of Advanced Engineering is exceedingly promising. As industries continue to prioritize sustainability, safety, and compliance with environmental regulations, there is a growing demand for professionals equipped with specialized skills in health, safety, and environmental management. Graduates from this program will be at the forefront of shaping a greener and safer world, with opportunities in various sectors such as energy, construction, manufacturing, and consulting. The curriculum's comprehensive approach, covering topics like risk assessment, environmental impact analysis, and industrial hygiene, ensures that students are well-prepared to address emerging challenges and innovations in this field. By fostering leadership, critical thinking, and practical expertise, the program empowers graduates to make significant contributions towards a sustainable and secure future.

Career Opportunities

After completing the M. Tech. Health, Safety & Environment program at UPES School of Advanced Engineering, graduates can look forward to a plethora of rewarding career opportunities in the field of industrial safety, occupational health, and environmental management. Equipped with a comprehensive understanding of risk assessment, safety regulations, and sustainable practices, they can excel as Health and Safety Managers, Environmental Consultants, Compliance Officers, or Safety Engineers in various industries such as manufacturing, construction, oil and gas, and consulting firms. Additionally, they can explore avenues in government agencies, research institutions, and international organizations, making a significant impact on promoting and implementing robust health, safety, and environmental practices globally.


The M. Tech. Health, Safety & Environment program at UPES School of Advanced Engineering offers exceptional placements, providing graduates with promising career opportunities. With a strong focus on industry-relevant skills and knowledge, students are equipped to meet the demands of the ever-evolving health, safety, and environment sector. The university's extensive network of corporate tie-ups and collaborations ensures that students have access to top-notch recruiters. UPES's dedicated placement cell, career counseling services, and rigorous training programs empower students to excel in interviews and secure placements in reputed organizations. As a result, the program boasts a high placement rate, with graduates contributing significantly to the industry's workforce, making a positive impact on society and the environment.

Fee Structure

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Semester 1

Environmental Engineering
& Management
Fire Risk and Control2002
Occupational Health &
Behavior Based Safety 2103
Industrial Hygiene Lab 0011
Fire Eng Lab0011
Statistical Modelling and 
Capstone I0022
Total   19

Semester 2

Statutory Rules & Regulation2103
Plant Layout and Material
Leadership in Safety1001
Advances in Sustainable 
Construction Safety and 
Hazard Identification and 
Risk Assessment 
Structural Fire Protection 
Environmental Engineering Lab0011
Capstone II0022
Total   21

Semester 3

Process Safety and 
Safety in Engineering
Safety in Drilling2002
Disaster Risk Management2103
Summer Internship0002
Research Project I0088
Total   21

Semester 4

Research Project II001616
Advanced Elective*3003
Total   19


*Advanced Elective: students will learn courses available online from national
/International forum.

Eligibility Criteria

Interested students must meet the minimum eligibility criteria for M.Tech. in Health, Safety & Environment as outlined below:

  1. Minimum 60% marks at Higher and Senior Secondary level (10th and 12th).
  2. B.Tech/B.E. in Chemical/ Mechanical/ Electrical/ Civil/ Industrial Safety/ Petroleum Engineering/ Geo- Science Engineering/ Fire Safety Engineering/ Electronics/ Geo-Informatics or equivalent with a minimum of 60% marks. GATE/NET Qualified will be preferred.

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria for students who wish to pursue M. Tech. in Health, Safety & Environment at UPES depends on the individual's performance in Personal Interview.

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