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The Ph.D. in Chemistry program offered by UPES School of Advanced Engineering is a rigorous and comprehensive doctoral degree designed to provide students with a profound understanding of the scientific intricacies within the field of Chemistry. The program spans a duration of 3-4 years, during which students undergo a carefully curated curriculum. This includes the successful completion of three courses from distinct science divisions, totaling 12 credits, as well as passing two specialised courses within their chosen research area, accumulating 8 credits. This multifaceted approach ensures a well-rounded academic foundation for aspiring Ph.D. candidates.

An essential aspect of the program involves students selecting a research adviser at the end of their first semester, following rotations in different research laboratories. The transition to intensive research begins towards the end of the first semester, signaling the initiation of the research-oriented phase of the Ph.D. program. A pivotal milestone in the journey is the crafting and presentation of a research dissertation proposal to the dissertation committee, highlighting the student's ability to contribute meaningfully to the academic and research landscape.

Throughout the program, students actively engage in the research culture of the Department, becoming integral members of research groups led by esteemed academic staff. These groups span diverse chemistry disciplines, including Materials Chemistry, Synthetic Chemistry, Biological Chemistry, and Physical Chemistry. The culmination of the Ph.D. journey is marked by the creation of a substantial research dissertation and a comprehensive final oral examination. This program structure not only ensures academic excellence but also cultivates a deep immersion in research, preparing graduates to make significant contributions to the ever-evolving field of Chemistry.

Program Highlights

  • The Ph.D. in Chemistry program engages in exceptional postgraduate research within a globally recognized collaborative setting, fostering innovation in emerging fields of advanced materials.
  • Acquire essential skills for advanced academic and non-academic research, including qualitative and quantitative data analysis, ensuring a comprehensive and versatile research foundation.
  • Foster enhanced critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, and the ability to exercise independent judgment, preparing doctoral researchers for success in diverse scientific careers.
  • Benefit from a Ph.D. in Chemistry program designed to offer a high-quality education, aligning with the School's commitment to excellence in advanced engineering and materials science.
  • Develop a strong ethical foundation and service-oriented mindset, instilling a commitment to responsible research practices and contributing positively to the scientific community.
  • Equip students with the interdisciplinary expertise and research capabilities necessary for success in future scientific careers, reflecting the program's commitment to producing impactful and well-rounded Ph.D. graduates.


The Ph.D. program in Chemistry at UPES School of Advanced Engineering is designed to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of synthetic, analytical, and spectral techniques, complemented by a profound knowledge of pertinent literature in their specific research domain. Graduates will showcase a demonstrated capacity for original thinking, applying their acquired knowledge practically to contribute to the creation and interpretation of knowledge within the field of Chemistry. The program emphasizes the development of critical assessment skills in evaluating current research, methodologies, and techniques. Students will exhibit evidence of self-driven problem-solving and originality in overcoming challenges, coupled with the ability to independently plan and execute high-quality research. Furthermore, participants are encouraged to engage in diverse researcher development opportunities to cultivate skills and qualities that align with their envisioned future careers, fostering a holistic and well-rounded approach to academic and professional growth.

The Ph.D. in Chemistry program at UPES School of Advanced Engineering offers graduates a robust foundation, enabling them to pursue diverse career paths. Upon completion, graduates are poised to excel in educational institutions, research organizations, and industries such as petrochemicals, semiconductors, solar cells, agrochemicals, perfumes, pharmaceuticals, military research, and plastics and polymers. The program ensures comprehensive training, equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to contribute meaningfully across various sectors. Graduates emerge well-prepared for positions that demand advanced expertise in chemistry, positioning them as valuable assets in today's dynamic job market.

Career Opportunities

Pursuing a Ph.D. in Chemistry unveils diverse career pathways for skill enrichment and a thriving professional life. Opportunities span various sectors, encompassing chemical research centers, pharmaceuticals, plastic and polymer manufacturing, forensic laboratories, and companies involved in food packaging and processing. Specialisation avenues include Materials Engineering, Biofuels, and Medicinal Chemistry, facilitating active contributions to the development of smart materials, green fuels, and advancements in medical testing. A Ph.D. in Chemistry opens doors to roles such as Scientist, Research Instructor, Professor, Cytologist, and positions in Material Science, Pharma Assistance, Biochemistry, Agricultural Chemistry, Clinical Research, Medical Technology, Radiology, Toxicology, Water Quality Chemistry, Production Chemistry, Product Officer, R&D Manager, Scientific Data Entry Specialist, Safety Health and Environment Specialist, and Quality Controller.


The Ph.D. in Chemistry program at UPES School of Advanced Engineering stands as a beacon of academic excellence and research prowess. Designed to nurture the brightest minds in the field, this program offers unparalleled opportunities for doctoral candidates to engage in cutting-edge research across various domains of chemistry. With a faculty comprising distinguished experts and researchers, students benefit from mentorship that transcends traditional boundaries. What sets UPES apart is its commitment to fostering industry connections, providing students with exposure to real-world challenges and collaborative research endeavors. The program's emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration equips students with a holistic understanding of the scientific landscape. Moreover, UPES boasts a robust placement record, with graduates securing coveted positions in academia, research institutions, and the industry. The school's extensive network of alumni, coupled with its strategic alliances with leading organizations, ensures that Ph.D. graduates from UPES are well-positioned for success in their chosen career paths, making this program an ideal choice for those aspiring to make significant contributions to the field of chemistry.

Admission Details

July 2024 Intake
Key TimelinesImportant Dates
Last Date to ApplyJune 3, 2024
RET ExamJune 10, 2024
RET Result DeclarationJune 21, 2024
Submission of Research Proposal 
on - approx. 1000 
June 26, 2024
Online Interview Booking/SchedulingJuly 3th, 2024
InterviewsJuly 18, 19 & 22 July, 2024
Interview Result DeclarationJuly 30, 2024
Last date to Pay FeeAug 4, 2024
Registration DateAug 8, 2024
Orientation DateAug 9, 2024
Commencement of SessionAug 12, 2024

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