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BBA Logistics Management - Service Operations and Procurement

Program details

The BBA in Logistics Management (Service Operations & Procurement) program at UPES School of Business offers a comprehensive and specialised curriculum tailored for individuals aspiring to excel in the dynamic field of service-based logistics. This program uniquely combines the essential elements of logistics, supply chain management, and service operations, equipping students with a holistic understanding of managing the intricate flow of goods, information, and services within service-oriented organizations.

The BBA in Logistics Management (Service Operations & Procurement) program places a strong emphasis on service operations management, where students delve into areas such as service design, service quality management, customer relationship management, and service innovation. This focus enables students to acquire the skills needed to optimize service processes, manage service delivery networks, and elevate customer experiences. Additionally, the curriculum provides insights into strategies for enhancing service quality, overseeing service projects, and addressing supply chain risks within a service-oriented context.

The procurement aspect of the program concentrates on crucial processes like supplier identification, selection, and evaluation, emphasizing the importance of Supplier Relationship Management. The curriculum is designed to align with the digital revolution, incorporating industry 4.0 concepts. Students gain knowledge in areas such as Materials Management, Demand Management, International Logistics, Multi-Modal Transportation, Retail, Logistics Information System, and Spreadsheet modeling. This ensures that graduates are well-prepared to navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape and contribute effectively to the evolving field of logistics and procurement in service operations. Overall, the BBA program offers a balanced and forward-thinking approach to logistics management, preparing students for successful careers in service-based industries.

Program Highlights

•    Students in the BBA in Logistics Management (Service Operations & Procurement) program at UPES undertake major projects (dissertations), ensuring a practical and hands-on approach to learning essential skills for the logistics industry.
•    The curriculum includes summer internships and live projects with companies, providing students with real-world experience and a chance to apply theoretical knowledge in a professional setting.
•    The BBA in Logistics Management (Service Operations & Procurement) program is designed to offer flexibility, allowing students to choose career paths in the service sector, operations, consulting in logistics management, or pursue higher education based on their interests and goals.
•    Students are encouraged to engage in research projects, seminars, conferences, and internships, fostering a culture of continuous learning and staying updated with industry trends.
•    The curriculum exposes students to real-world case studies, industry visits, and guest lectures from industry experts, enhancing their understanding of practical challenges and solutions in logistics management.
•    The UPES School of Business provides state-of-the-art facilities, including modern smart classrooms, a well-equipped Analytics Lab, and advanced analytical tools. Students also have the opportunity for global exposure through student exchange, study abroad programs, and semester exchanges with leading global partner management institutes.

The BBA in Logistics Management (Service Operations & Procurement) program offers students comprehensive preparation for entry-level management roles in the dynamic logistics and supply chain industry, both on a national and global scale. The curriculum emphasizes experiential learning, providing students with opportunities for internships and on-the-job training to enhance practical skills. This hands-on approach gives students a distinct advantage in the competitive job market, enabling them to apply classroom knowledge to real-world challenges. Throughout the program, students acquire expertise in strategic planning and decision-making within the context of logistics and supply chain management. The curriculum also delves into the effects of globalization on logistics operations, fostering an understanding of international trade, customs regulations, and cross-border logistics complexities. This holistic education equips graduates with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in various facets of the evolving logistics and supply chain field, positioning them as valuable contributors to the industry.

Career Opportunities

A BBA in Logistics Management (Service Operations & Procurement) from the School of Business UPES opens up diverse career avenues. With opportunities arising from internships, live projects, and placements, students gain exposure to esteemed organizations and immerse themselves in corporate dynamics. Exploring professional interests, students engage with potential employers, uncovering various employment prospects. This degree paves the way for careers in the service sector, such as third-party logistics (3PL) firms, hotels, airlines, banks, insurance, and EdTech firms. Job roles encompass positions like supply chain analyst, key account manager, data analyst, purchase analyst, operations executive, logistics coordinator, project manager, warehouse manager, and customer service manager. Many graduates also opt for advanced studies in higher management, pursuing leadership courses.


The BBA in Logistics Management (Service Operations & Procurement) program at UPES ensures promising placement prospects for its graduates. Students find opportunities for summer internships across the sector, with esteemed businesses actively seeking to offer them rewarding employment. Notably, mid-sized enterprises are also eager to hire fresh BBA in Logistics Management graduates. A spectrum of job opportunities awaits these graduates in diverse sectors, including port and shipping, airlines, rail operations, manufacturing, warehousing, cold chain logistics, distribution, and third-party (3PL) and fourth-party (4PL) logistics, along with consulting firms. The starting salary for BBA freshers typically ranges from INR 4-10 lakh per annum, reflecting the individual's skills, knowledge, and exposure in the field.

Fee Structure

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Semester 1

Principles and Practices 
of Management
Business Economics I2103
Business Mathematics3003
Business Accounting3003
Business Communication I2023
Organizational Behavior3003
Business Environment2002
Living Conversations2002
Introduction to Logistics 
Environment Sustainability & 
Climate Change (Theory)
TOTAL   27

Semester 2

Business Economics II2103
Business Statistics3003
Financial Management3003
Marketing Management3003
Technologies of the Future 2002
Human Resource Management3003
Operations Management3003
 Community Engagement 
and Social Responsibility
Environment Sustainability & 
Climate Change (Living Lab)
TOTAL   26

Semester 3

Logistics and Supply Chain 
Introduction to Multimodal 
Materials Management3003
Research Methodology & 
Report Writing
Consumer Behaviour & 
Market Research
Minor/Exploratory I3003
Business Ethics and CSR2002
Working with Data2002
Meta 1011001
Global context of Business1001
TOTAL   24

Semester 4

Demand Planning & 
Specialization Paper 1 
(Chose one from 
Warehouse Management; 
Logistics in Manufacturing Sector)
Industrial Visit0001
Minor/Exploratory II3003
Minor/Exploratory III3003
Environmental, Social and 
Business Analytics3003
Design Thinking2002
TOTAL   21

Semester 5

Logistics Planning & Strategy 3003
Specialization Paper II 
(Chose one from Service 
Operations; Supplier 
Relationship Management)
Customer Relationship 
Minor/Exploratory IV3003
Minor/Exploratory V3003
Dissertation I0002
Summer Internship 0002
Essentials of Strategic 
International Logistics 3003
Logistics Information System3003
Leadership and Teamwork2002
Project Management3003
TOTAL   33

Semester 6

Retail Logistics3003
Dissertation II0004
Minor/Exploratory VI3003
Start your Start-up2002
TOTAL   12


Students who are interested in pursuing BBA in Logistics Management (Service Operations & Procurement) must satisfy the designated minimum eligibility criteria: Minimum 50% marks in Classes X and XII.

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria for individuals interested in pursuing BBA in Logistics Management (Service Operations & Procurement) at UPES depend on the individual's performance in Entrance Exam (UPESMET-UG) / UGAT/ CUET.


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