MBA Digital Business

MBA Digital Business

Program Details

The MBA in Digital Business with specializations in Web Design and Development, and Cloud Computing, offered by UPES School of Business, responds to the growing demand for business professionals equipped with a holistic understanding of digital strategies. In an era where digitalization is redefining business paradigms, this program stands as a cornerstone for molding adept professionals.

The first specialization, Web Design and Development, presents a dynamic curriculum that converges business acumen with specialized tracks like fintech, digital marketing, and analytics. Devised in partnership with eminent IT and analytics firms, the program offers an all-encompassing learning experience. Esteemed faculty members at UPES, in conjunction with industry experts, deliver comprehensive training. This blend of academia and industry expertise ensures graduates are primed with a distinctive edge, ready to pioneer innovative digital solutions. The second specialization, Cloud Computing, focuses on a pivotal facet of contemporary business - enhancing online visibility. By optimizing websites and content strategically, graduates master the art of driving organic traffic through improved search engine rankings. In a competitive online landscape, the program cultivates skills that hold paramount significance for businesses aiming to thrive in the digital sphere.

Overall, the program bridges the gap between traditional business models and emerging digital frameworks. By embracing these specializations, students are poised to become trailblazers in a realm where digital proficiency is not only a competence but also a strategic imperative. The UPES School of Business' MBA in Digital Business instills a transformative vision that echoes the sentiment that "digital is the new standard for conducting business," ensuring graduates lead the digital charge across diverse industries.

Program Highlights

  • Undertake a significant dissertation project to showcase your in-depth knowledge and specialization in the areas of Web Design & Development and Cloud Computing.
  • Gain hands-on experience through summer internships and live projects with companies, fostering real-world skills in digital business practices.
  • Receive a well-rounded business education with courses covering finance, marketing, operations, strategy, and leadership, providing a strong grounding in business management principles.
  • The MBA in Digital Business (Web Design & Development and Cloud Computing) program delves into the digital transformation of business processes and strategies, exploring emerging technologies, digital marketing, e-commerce, data analytics, and the integration of technology across business functions.
  • Customize your learning with elective courses encompassing web design, front-end development, user experience (UX) design, programming languages, Cloud Computing and web project management, tailoring your MBA to your specialization.
  • Engage with industry experts through case studies, guest lectures, industry visits, and seminars, gaining valuable insights into the practical application of digital business concepts.

The future outlook for an MBA in Digital Business specializing in Web Design & Development and Cloud Computing is highly promising due to the ongoing reliance of businesses on digital platforms and user-centric online experiences. This program equips professionals with a blend of business acumen, digital marketing expertise, and technical skills, enabling them to thrive in various domains. Key opportunities include excelling in the thriving e-commerce sector by creating visually appealing and user-friendly online stores. The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) into web design and development processes offers avenues for creating intelligent and dynamic web experiences. Cybersecurity and data privacy concerns emphasize the need for professionals with secure coding practices and privacy integration skills. The program also opens doors to freelancing and entrepreneurship in the growing web design and development sector, as well as specializing in industry-specific web solutions for sectors like healthcare, finance, and education. Additionally, an MBA with a specialization in SEO presents excellent career prospects. The rising demand for SEO professionals offers opportunities in various industries, including digital marketing agencies, in-house SEO teams, e-commerce companies, content marketing roles, SEO consultancy, and entrepreneurship. As businesses focus on cybersecurity and data privacy, professionals with SEO expertise can contribute to secure coding practices and privacy measures. The combination of business management skills and SEO knowledge allows graduates to establish their own ventures or offer specialized services to clients, while also catering to industry-specific web solution needs.

Career Opportunities

Completing the MBA in Digital Business (Web Design & Development and Cloud Computing) program at UPES School of Business opens up a plethora of career opportunities. Graduates can embark on various paths such as UX/UI designers, web developers, digital product managers, e-commerce managers, digital marketing managers, web project managers, entrepreneurs/startup founders, product managers, and SEO managers. With the chance to explore career interests, collaborate with potential employers, and secure job placements across manufacturing, service, and consulting verticals, this program equips students to thrive in the dynamic world of digital business.


In recent years, the placement landscape for MBA in Digital Business (Web Design & Development and Cloud Computing) graduates at UPES School of Business has seen remarkable growth. Various sectors, including Digital Agencies, Technology Companies, E-commerce Firms, Marketing Agencies, Consulting Entities, Startups, and industry giants such as Flipkart, Reliance Industries, Adani, GMR, Accenture, Deloitte, Xiaomi, TATA Croma, and Fractal Analytics, have consistently extended enticing career prospects to these students. Moreover, an array of emerging startups is enthusiastically recruiting these postgraduates, underscoring the program's relevance. The diverse roles encompass Digital Marketing Manager, E-commerce Specialist, E-commerce Manager, Product Manager, Procurement Analyst, and Business Analyst. Starting salaries for fresh MBA in Digital Business graduates typically range from INR 4-15 lakh per annum, reflective of individual competencies, knowledge, and experiences.

Fee Structure

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Semester 1

Organizational Behaviour3003
Marketing Management3003
Managerial Economics3003
Accounting for Managers3003
Quantitative Techniques for 
Business Communication 2002
Introduction to Digital Business 
and Social Media Tools
Business Environment2002
TOTAL   22

Semester 2

Human Resource Management3003
Financial Management3003
Operations Management3003
Database System & Database 
Business Research Methods3003
Industrial Visit0021
Business Ethics and CSR2002
Managing Digital Transformation3003
Specialization Paper-II 
(Specialization I:Web Design 
and Development, Course-Social 
& Web Analytics, Specialization II: 
Cloud Computing, Course- Data 
TOTAL   24

Semester 3

Strategic Management 3003
Analytics & Big Data3003
Digital Brand Management3003
Digital Sales & Channel 
Specialization Paper-II 
(Specialization I: Web 
Design and Development, 
Course-Text Mining, 
Specialization II: Cloud 
Computing, Course- Advances 
in Cloud computing for Managers)
Summer Internship 0002
Project Management3003
Global context of Business1001
TOTAL   21

Semester 4

Business & Digital Laws3003
Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3003
Digital Business Models 
and Design Principles
Environmental, Social and 
IT Security Management3003
TOTAL   19


Interested students must meet the following minimum eligibility criteria for the MBA in Digital Business (specializing in Web Design & Development and Cloud Computing): Minimum 50% marks in Class X, XII and Graduation. Graduation From a recognized University in any stream.

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria for individuals who wish to pursue an MBA in Digital Business (specializing in Web Design & Development and Cloud Computing) at UPES rely on the performance of each candidate in UPESMET / National Level Exams/ CUET followed by Personal Interview.

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