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Program Details

The MBA Global program offered by UPES School of Business is designed to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of global business dynamics. The program spans two years, with the unique feature of students spending one year at the UPES campus and another year at a distinguished international partner university. The curriculum covers a diverse range of subjects, including Managerial Economics, Organizational Behavior, Marketing Management, Business Communication, Research Methods, Analytics, and Global Business Environment. A distinctive feature of the program is its emphasis on practical application, offering students opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world business scenarios.

The program places a strong emphasis on developing decision-making skills through the analysis of real-world case studies. Students are encouraged to actively participate in dynamic and interactive classroom environments that include traditional lectures, group discussions, cooperative problem-solving activities, analysis of video cases, and engaging debates. The curriculum goes beyond traditional business concepts, exploring human behavior, marketing fundamentals, finance, accounting, statistics, data analysis, and fostering creative thinking and persuasive argumentation skills. The goal is to nurture well-rounded and solution-oriented leaders capable of navigating the complex and evolving international business landscape.

The collaborative approach extends to group activities, including presentations, where students are motivated to actively engage and contribute to discussions. By adopting such a holistic pedagogy, the MBA Global program aims to produce graduates with a global perspective and the skills to meet the challenges and opportunities presented in the international business arena. Overall, the program is structured to cultivate adaptable and effective leaders, providing them with the knowledge and experience necessary to succeed in the globalized world of business.

Program Highlights

•    The MBA Global program at UPES School of Business emphasizes understanding human behavior, empowering students to analyze strategic human resource requirements, predict outcomes, and influence human behavior for optimal solutions.
•    Offering a truly global experience, the program provides students with opportunities to earn a degree from foreign partner universities, opening doors to diverse job opportunities worldwide.
•    The curriculum of MBA Global program integrates real-world case studies, industry visits, and guest lectures from experts, ensuring students gain practical insights into international business scenarios.
•    Students are equipped with a range of cutting-edge tools and technologies, including Power-BI, Gretl, advanced Excel, and analytics tools like R-studio, enhancing their analytical and technical skills.
•    Through interactive classroom discussions and collaborative group work, students learn to navigate cultural differences and adapt to diverse business practices, preparing them to thrive in the international marketplace.
•    The UPES School of Business boasts modern smart classrooms, a well-equipped Analytics Lab, a comprehensive library, and advanced analytical tools, providing an enriching environment for academic and professional growth.

The MBA Global program offers students an all-encompassing education, transcending borders to provide a globally recognized degree and invaluable international exposure. This program not only imparts the skills necessary for success on a global scale but also instills a sense of responsibility towards students' home countries, encouraging them to contribute positively to their communities. Emphasizing cultural awareness and diverse perspectives, the program nurtures a global mindset, preparing students for successful careers in an interconnected world. Through international internships, study abroad experiences, and collaborative projects, students develop a profound understanding of different cultures, adaptability to new environments, and effective communication and collaboration skills with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Overall, the MBA Global program is a gateway to a future where graduates are equipped to thrive in a globalized environment while making meaningful contributions to their local communities.

Career Opportunities

The MBA Global program offered by UPES School of Business opens doors to a diverse array of career opportunities in the global business landscape. Graduates of this program can embark on fulfilling careers as Global Business Managers, overseeing international operations and ensuring alignment with organizational objectives. Other pathways include roles such as International Marketing Directors, Global Supply Chain Directors, and Global Strategy Consultants, offering opportunities to lead and strategize in dynamic international environments. Additionally, graduates can pursue roles as International Business Development Managers, Global HR Directors, International Trade Compliance Managers, Global Financial Analysts, and Cross-Cultural Trainers. Furthermore, the program equips individuals with the skills to venture into entrepreneurship, establishing their own global-focused ventures. Overall, the MBA Global program at UPES School of Business provides a comprehensive foundation for success in a variety of global business roles.


The MBA Global program at UPES School of Business is renowned for its exceptional placements, providing students with unparalleled opportunities in the global business landscape. The program's industry-oriented curriculum, crafted in collaboration with leading professionals and experts, equips students with the skills and knowledge essential for success in diverse sectors. UPES's strong industry connections and proactive placement cell play a pivotal role in securing placements for MBA Global graduates. The program's unique blend of theoretical learning and practical exposure ensures that students are well-prepared for the dynamic challenges of the global business environment. With a focus on fostering a global mindset, the MBA Global program at UPES School of Business opens doors to a myriad of career prospects, enabling graduates to embark on successful and fulfilling professional journeys across the world.

Fee Structure

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Course Curriculum

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Curriculum 2022-2024

Curriculum 2023-2025


Semester 1

Organizational Behaviour3003
Marketing Management3003
Managerial Economics3003
Accounting for Managers3003
Quantitative Techniques for 
Business Analysis and 
Communication I
Spreadsheet modeling2023
Business Environment2002
TOTAL   22

Semester 2

Human Resource Management3003
Financial Management3003
Operations Management3003
Business Analysis and
Communication II
Managing Digital Transformation3003
Business Research Methods3003
Industrial Visit0001
Business Ethics and CSR2002
TOTAL   20

Semester 3

Decision Making and 
Case Studies 
Internship 00016
TOTAL   19

Semester 4

Research Seminar0003
Master Thesis00016
TOTAL   19


Students who are interested in pursuing the MBA Global program must satisfy the designated minimum eligibility requirements: Minimum 50% marks in Class X, XII and Graduation. Graduation From a recognized University in any stream.

Selection Criteria

The criteria for selecting students who wish to pursue the MBA Global program at UPES School of Business depend on the individual's performance in UPESMET / National Level Exams/ followed by Personal Interview.